Lunchbox Solutions: Feeding My Picky Eaters

School lunches are an event in our household. I deal with two contrasting personalities – my oldest son who is the world’s pickiest eater and my youngest son who can never get full. When this school year began, I quickly realized that the cafeteria lunches would not work for us. They both complained a lot the first week and after speaking with fellow school district employees who religiously took their lunches I decided to follow suit.

In the long run, it is more affordable. For the $20ish a week it costs me for school lunches for two kids, I can purchase healthier options for lunch AND after-school snacks that both of my boys will happily eat.

My dilemma and mommy confession – after the first few weeks finding a variety became difficult. I’m not the most creative person in the kitchen, at all. Coming up with healthy options gave way to what was convenient (not necessarily healthy).

Well, I’m covered for the rest of the month thanks to these healthy and easy lunchbox solutions. They are all simple enough to put together, are items both of my kids will enjoy and will fill them up without making them too full (and unproductive after lunch).

 What simple lunchbox solutions do (or have) you used for your children?


Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored content – the thoughts and views expressed are mine.