The Importance Of A Piggy Bank

I received the piggy bank featured in this article in exchange for sharing it with my community. Part of my journey to financial freedom includes teaching my children the importance of saving and this divalicious piggy bank helps make that lesson fun with my daughter.

One of the first gifts each of my children received was a piggy bank filled with change from my mother.  It was a gift that they, of course, were too young to appreciate but it was the beginning of their childhood lessons in the importance of savings. Piggy banks can be a valuable teaching tool for parents.  Saving money is a skill that is useful at all points in a person’s life.  Those that master it are generally better prepared for financial stresses that may arise.  Getting a piggy bank for children can start them on the road to savings from the start.

The Importance of A Piggy Bank Michele Stevens founded My Bambino in 1992 right out of college at the age of 22.  Ms. Stevens wished to combine her two passions: art and living at the beach.  She opened a retail store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with a few products that could be hand painted and personalized.  At the request of a customer, she soon created a simple, hand-drawn catalog of items that the tourists could take with them and order from once they returned home. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today My Bambino is solely a mail order business and has over 300 products with more than 95 designs. The Butterfly and Flowers personalized piggy bank I received is perfect for Miss V’s room. We’ve been slowly decorating her room to be more toddler-friendly and having a sturdy and large piggy bank level to her day-to-day items works perfectly to reinforce saving her coins.  It is so cute to hear her toddler-talk as she carefully drops each one in – “One money. Two money. Three money…”

Organizing The Little Diva's Room

Even better, watching the excitement she has adding coins to her bank is contagious.  My older boys have gotten a renewed interest in their piggy banks and have asked for banks similar to their little sister’s.  My Bambino has a large selection of designs that are appropriate for children (and adults) of all ages.

The Importance Of A Piggy Bank

  • Teaches children money does not just fall from the sky.  A piggy bank gives them a visual of saving money.  Even better, involving them in small tasks around the house shows them that they have to work to earn money.
  • Teaches children the importance of saving money.  Establish a savings goal and keep track of how much money is placed in their piggy bank.  Make a rule that money cannot be removed until they have reached the savings goal and can purchase the desired item.
  • Teaches children the benefits of savings.  You can compare their piggy bank to the financial institution that you use.  You can use the piggy bank to teach them how important it is to store their money in a safe place.

Let’s Talk About It:
Does your child have a piggy bank?
What financial lessons do you teach them while they are young?

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  • These are really lovely piggy banks. My niece would love it!

    • Roni, I was very surprised and pleased with their quality!

  • Teaching children to save at an early age is extremely important as it’s a life long lesson that can help them stay debt free adults. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

    • Thank you Antionette!!! Same to you and yours! One of my parenting goals is to be more open and forth-coming with my children about the importance of being financially savvy so they do NOT repeat the mistakes I did in my younger days.

  • we also have a coin bank, only not as cute as your pig.:) It is great to keep those loose coins and by the end of the year open it and use to but gifts!

  • This is wonderful, a good way to let our kids start saving through saving each penny they get or see …

  • This is such great idea. I know it will encourage children to save by giving them a beautiful piggy bank to use for saving.

  • What a beautiful piggy bank, love the design you chose.

  • my son loves his piggy bank he loves collecting loose change to put in it

  • Oh the little piggy bank is so cute! It is never too early to teach one to save money.

  • Emma @ P is for Preschooler

    I’ve tried to enter but I’m having a real hard time with it. I’ll try again later!

  • Coolchillmom

    How wonderful the way her business has evolved. Love the piggy bank look and teachings!