Guest Post: Kokoa Life Lessons

In life we have lessons. Some of us learn from them, some of us repeat them, and some of us ignore them. In my life, I think everything that happens is a lesson. It teaches me what to do the next time, it makes me aware, and it sometimes makes me cautious.

Growing up in Charleston, SC with the older folks, (my mom had me at an older age) I got to listen and learn about lessons the hard way. I had old school parents and every time I did something bad my mom said you better learn your lesson from this because if you keep making the same mistakes you will never grow and learn. Some of the life lessons  I have learned along the way are…

  • Don’t burn bridges behind you because you never know when you will have to cross them again ~ If you know you hate your job quit on good terms. Don’t make a video about it or downgrade the job because you never know when that job may be called in for a reference, or if that job will make it harder for you to get a job because of their connections. Always leave jobs on a good note you never know if you might have to come back.
  • Having patience can make a big difference ~ I remember I was in line behind an older lady one time. And me being the queen of not having any patience huffed and puffed because she took so long and I didn’t feel like moving my stuff off of the conveyor belt. After she was done she went to her car by the time I got out of the store she had not put her groceries in so although I huffed and puffed I asked her if she needed some help she said yes. Do you know that after I helped her she gave me 100 dollars just for helping her. I told her I would not take her money and she said okay got home and saw that she slipped it into my purse anyway….all that huffing and puffing and I still was blessed out of it. It has helped me to understand that you have to have patience it will humble you.
  • Everything happens for a reason ~ I understand this more and more as I get older. Things happen for a reason and although we may not understand at that time what that reason may be. It will come to you in a clearer way later on in life.

These are just some of the lessons I have learned along the way. These life lessons have prompted me to start doing them on Kokoa’s Magazine each night M-F I give a life lesson some will be funny, some will be controversial, some will have you crying and thinking, but they will be life lessons I learned from that day because I learn something new every day. Join us using hashtag #kklifelessons on twitter and facebook and see if you can take any of them and use them towards your life.

Kita Bryant is the editor-in-chief of Kokoa Magazine

  • rxfitnesslady

    I love these lessons! They are all good! Patience is one I have to focus on. Especially while waiting in a line,’s so annoying but whenever you switch you always lose! You came out good with that one. I love a sneaky little old lady 🙂

  • These are great tips. I agree completely. It is always nice to get a reminder.

  • Thanks for the lessons and reminders. I’m constantly telling my kids (and myself) that it’s human to make mistakes, but look for the lesson and try to learn it the first time.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    “Everything happen for a reason”, I believe that to but sometimes it is really hard to understand the reason why.

  • Indeed the true life, thanks for sharing this post.

  • I take my past experiences as a learning lesson, we try not to repeat them because we already know the consequences of it.

  • Same here. But my biggest patience challenge right now is homeschooling my 4 yo to K for the first time. I just keep trying my best and I hope to see him grow in learning after the school year.

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  • great life lesson

  • Say Something Kita (@Kreative10)

    Thank you so much for having me on today.

    • Appreciate your support, as always, Kita!