Guest Post – In my grandmother’s honor

Last week I introduced you all to the Lillie-Helen Foundation for Stroke Awareness founded by myself and my oldest friend to honor our grandmothers – both who passed away from stroke-related causes.

March is a very special month for Lillie-Helen because it’s the birth month of both of the namesakes of the organization.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Mrs. Helen Marie Maybank Conyers – may your legacy of love and strength forever live on in the hearts and actions of your loved ones! Welcome to Divas With A Purpose for the first time, Kimberly, as she shares with us her memories and reflections of her grandmother.

Helen Conyers

Michelle is my oldest friend, my BFF. She and I started Lillie-Helen together out of love for and a desire to carry out the legacy of our grandmothers who both passed away from stroke-related issues.

My grandmother – lovingly called Mama – celebrates her 5th birthday in heaven today, and every year I think, “it’ll get easier next year…” Unfortunately, that hasn’t been true for me as of yet. I have days when I can speak of her and see her face in that of my baby boy’s and it warms my heart. I also have days when the tears come because I know how much she wanted me to give her grandkids, and although I know she’s watching down on us, I would love to see her laughing and playing with them.

Mama had two strokes in her life, the first when I was 8 and the other when I was 27. The years in between weren’t easy for any of us as a family, but it drew us closer to each other on her behalf and closer to her as well. It’s funny for me to realize just how protective of my grandmother I was in her later years, so much so that I carry those feelings with me today.

For me, Lillie-Helen isn’t just a site or a Facebook page or even a friendly reminder to my husband to take his medicine. Lillie-Helen is a daily walk in which I keep myself and my family up-to-date on heart healthy recipes, green smoothie meal replacement ideas, exercise motivations, and so much more. This foundation is a way to reach out to our communities and make them aware that a stroke doesn’t have to be inevitable if only we are aware of and follow through with even the smallest of ways to keep ourselves healthy, a way to try and teach other mothers and grandmothers the importance of not ignoring your health just because you “feel good.” Lillie-Helen keeps my grandmother alive in my heart as I take her legacy of strength and love with me on my journey to a better, happier, healthier me.

Be blessed!

Kimberly is the Co-Executive Director of the Lillie-Helen Foundation for Stroke Awareness.  Her name should sound familiar, as she’s, also, a participant in The Divatude Challenge 2013 where she’s sharing her personal and professional goals with the Divas With A Purpose community Connect with her on Facebook as she shares heart healthy tips and recipes on the Lillie-Helen Foundation for Stroke Awareness and her delectable desserts courtesy of The Dessert Diva.