5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay up and Active All Day

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay up and Active All Day

If you’re trying to make your mark on the world, then you need to be making the most of all the hours you have available to you. You won’t be able to make much of a difference if you’re growing tired in the mid-afternoon and have to call it a day! While you don’t want to be pulling too many continuous twelve hour days, when you’re an entrepreneur, you at least need to be able to stay up and active all day. Here’s how you do it.

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay up and Active All Day

Start the Day Right

It sounds like a cliche to say that how you start the day dictates how the rest of it will go. But it’s only a cliche because it’s true! If you start the day with energy boosting foods and activities, then you’ll be all set to attack the day with all the gusto and enthusiasm that world-shakers need. So what does this entail, exactly? It’s an energy boosting breakfast, such as oatmeal. It’s a short run to get the blood flowing. And it’s a cold shower, which, while it might not be the most enjoyable thing on earth, is one of the best things you can do for your energy and alertness.

Stay Comfortable

Let’s be thankful that the era of always having to wear a suit has passed. Some people enjoy wearing them, but most don’t, and being comfortable in what you’re wearing does make a difference when it comes to how long you can work. If you’re planning to put in those long hours, then make sure you have an outfit and footwear that allows you to stay upright and active all day. For your feet, well-fitting shoes, ones with comfortable shoe insoles, will make all the difference. For your body, it’s about whatever makes you feel comfortable – both physically and mentally.

Take Regular Breaks

You might have heard of the entrepreneurs that are forever putting in long hours, but remember this: they’re not actually working for, say, twelve hours. They may put in twelve hour days, but there are breaks interwoven into the long days. As such, it’s important that you’re taking regular breaks and getting out of the office. A simple walk in the sunshine can be all you need to refresh your body and mind; when you get back in the office, you can get back to working at full capacity.

Quick Exercise

When it comes to boosting your energy, there’s no substitute for exercise! On your lunch break, find the time to go for a quick run, or do some squats or push-ups, or anything else that gets the heart rate up. You’ll find that you avoid those mid-afternoon slumps that so many others suffer from.

Healthy Snacks

Get rid of the chocolate at your desk; you don’t need it. Instead, look at things like apples, bananas, and cereal bars. For a tasty snack that’s packed with energy, try the old red peppers and hummus combination. You’ll be able to work all day.