Divas With A Purpose

What is it that you stand for? When your name comes to mind, what do others think of? Is it something positive or negative? Is it what you’d want your legacy to be? Is it what you’d want your children to pass on to their children’s children? If not, what are you doing to change that?

What's Your Divatude

What is the point of going through life without a purpose? What are you doing to shape your destiny? What are you doing to create your legacy? Each generation to be a step ahead (or more) than the previous, what are you doing to make your strides? Are you preparing your children to take over your legacy or are you allowing them to make the same mistakes your grandparents, parents and yourself made?

In order to live a fulfilled life, you must have a purpose. You must have something that makes you get up each morning excited and ready to make a difference somehow someway. Your purpose should not be something that is selfish and just benefits you and yours. Your purpose should touch others and have a domino effect on those that they touch. It should metamorphisize into an even bigger purpose.