SOCS: Daddy Daughter Moments

I love watching my daughter with her dad. I see the love and adoration that she has for him – the complete and utter trust and love that has not yet seen disappointment or heartbreak.

Watching him with our daughter is completely different then the bonding moments he had with our son at the same age. I often think of the relationship that my father and I have and truly pray that theirs doesn’t mirror ours but surpasses it.

Daddy's Little Girl

While I was close to my mom, I can honestly admit that I was much closer to my dad growing up.  He typically was the first that I would go to with my tears and problems – trusting that he would have the words (and hugs) to make everything right.

I recall a spur of the moment trip to a bridal store when I was preparing for my wedding. We were en route to who knows where and I spotted the cutest little shop and had to stop. I knew that it was the absolute last thing he wanted to do, but I put on the “Daddy, please” look and pout. We stopped. Picture my 6 foot 6 inches tall, 250+ father in the midst of dresses, lace, and just plain fluff. I still giggle when I think of the look pure mortification on his face when he reality set in to what he’d gotten himself into.

Daddy's Princess

I tried on countless dresses that day and left without purchasing any of them. However, what sticks out most about that day is that he patiently sat and critiqued each one of those dresses I tried on (the man has some serious fashion sense!). As we got back in the car, I remember saying “You’re the best Daddy” and his typical response of “And don’t you forget it” brought a smile to my face.

Dear Daddy

When I watch my daughter and my husband, I hope that they share moments like that. That when she can’t come to me, she feels comfortable confiding in him. I pray that he has the words and the patience to deal with her “Miss V” moments. Dresses, tea parties, school dances, and all things diva – he has no clue what he’s gotten himself into.

  • Awww…so sweet Michelle! It is so true Daddy’s girls and Mommy’s boys! Lol! I was very close to my dad as well and I see the precious relationship our now married daughter has with my husband. It truly warms my heart! Thanks for sharing Michelle and thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful evening!

  • Crap, you are making me cry!

  • Chubskulit Rose

    Love those quotes. You are blessed to have a loving Dad.

  • Aawww! So sweet. I know not all women are close to their dads because I’m not either. But your daughter and my daughter is definitely the same when it comes to loving their dads 🙂 it’s a nice feeling huh?

  • I’m so glad to hear of the close relationship you’ve shared with your dad. He sounds like such a wonderful daddy. It’ will be beautiful to see how your husband and daughter grow to love and adore one another.
    Blessings to you ~ Mary

  • I am very close to my father, too

  • Nicole A.

    I don’t have much of a relationship with my father. Luckily my daughter and husband are close.

  • I was not a daddy;s girl but wish that we were closer. He was closer to my brother and I am closer to my mom.

  • I always want to be a daddy’s girl but that was my step sisters spot and well when mom remarried my step dad wasn’t sure what to do with a girl. I love that your dad sat through all the dress changing he rocks

  • I was definitely Daddy’s little girl and I lost him way too soon (13 days before my 16th birthday)-we were still at that stage where I wanted to do things that he didn’t deem things I should do–oh the screaming that went on-but we always made up (mostly) before bedtime–I miss him so much even after all these years (approx 46 years)–Dad will always be the standard by which woman gauge other men and those others–well they come up short.