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Bloggers That Bloom

Blogging is a legitimate income stream for many folks out there at the moment, and it continues to grow as an industry. That means there are more and more people trying their hand at it. But if you fancy giving it a go, remember that there are two big pitfalls that you need to make sure that you avoid too bloom and succeed. Read on to find out what they are and how to deal with them below.

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Blog Your Way To Success

Whether you’re a writer or a business owner, starting a blog is a fantastic move this year. It could help you to get a lot of attention online. If you plan to write for a living, it’s an excellent way to hone your talents and improve your skills. If you’re creating a blog to help sell your company’s products, you could drive lots of traffic in the right direction. With that in mind,

Make Your SEO Glow! Avoid These Errors

It could be said that the success of a given website is in the eye of the beholder. Many, however, would riposte that there is a clear and objective metric of a website’s success: visits! You’ve made your website, presumably, with the aim of having people see it. So SEO seems like a smart focus to have in this field. But many make these sorts of deadly SEO errors;

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4 Statistics to Know When Growing Your Blog

We’re not going to start telling you that there’s any one objective approach to blogging. Your voice, your style, and your content all play a huge factor in connecting with an audience. Just as how you engage that audience plays into how well you’re able to keep them. But there’s a lot that a bit of number-crunching can do for you. Here, we’re going to look at a few examples.

Your rates of productivity

Something that isn’t talked about as often in the successful running of a blog is how long and how much work it takes you to get posts out.

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How Can I Make My Blog a Business?

Blogging has changed massively over the last few years. Blogging, for many, is a purpose-filled business, and thanks to brands and companies becoming aware of the influence they can have, some good money can now be made from what you probably started as a hobby. And let’s face it, making money from a hobby is a dream for many- so if you have the opportunity to do so then why not take it!

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Fall in Love With Blogging Again

Blogging is something that a lot of internet users have done in the past or currently do as an active hobby. For people who are dedicated and passionate about writing, they’re even able to turn it into a viable business thanks to advertising revenue, sponsorships and also affiliate linking. Some bloggers even turn into YouTube content creators, or they write eBooks that are made popular thanks to their loyal fan base and diverse knowledge about specific subjects.

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6 Killer Tactics For Growing Your Blog’s Reach & Boosting Traffic

You spend hours researching and writing a post and are immensely proud of what you’ve come up with. The piece is interesting and informative, and yet, wonderfully witty. You pick the perfect images for it and position them carefully. You hit publish and expect to see comments, shares, and likes, but instead, nothing happens. It would appear as if no one has even seen your post, let alone taken the time to read it.

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