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6 Ways To Prevent Burnout For Busy Women

When you hear that women can have it all do you start to think it might be more apt to say that women can do it all?

Women are mothers, partners, bosses, employees, colleagues, daughters, sisters, best friends, clients, mentors, and caretakers to everyone. So, it makes sense that women can get caught up in the endless demands heaped upon our heads, right?

When you focus on being all things to everyone you start to lose who you are,

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My Work From Home Fall Fashion Style

 This post on my female entrepreneur fall fashion style is NOT a sponsored post. The items featured were purchased and there was no expectation of a formal review or feature.

Ready or not fall is here! Honestly speaking, here in the South that really is not a big deal until the end of October most years. However, I am excited about sweater and boots season making its way here, eventually.

Working from home full-time,

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3 Things You Must Do Before Buying Your Next Vehicle

Within the next year, our family will be purchasing a new vehicle. My oldest turned 16 and is preparing to get his license and with the amount of travel I do via car it’s essential that I have something more reliable and with better gas mileage. For some it may seem as though we’re drawing out this process but I want to ensure we are not rushed. Being well-informed will ensure that we do not overpay for a vehicle we are under-satisfied with.

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Self-Care: Necessity Not Luxury

Shocking, I know. Self-care truly is a necessity, not a luxury. Incorporating it in our daily routines should be a priority, not something we attempt to fit in on occasion.

Let’s be real with ourselves, Divas. Ask yourselves the following:

Are you able to create time for yourself without guilt? Are fun, leisure activities a priority for you? Do you honestly know what your needs are when it comes to self-care?

Fall Road Trip Ideas

Disclosure: This article on South Carolina Fall Road Trip Ideas is written in partnership with Bluff Road Auto Sales in Columbia, South Carolina.

Even though the temperatures may cause some confusion, it is officially fall here in South Carolina. School is back in session (YES!). Football season is here. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are available again. And it’s the perfect time to plan quick weekend road trips here in the state of South Carolina.

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Do You Have A Ready Bag?

Disclosure: This article on the importance of a Ready Bag includes a product that was received in exchange for my honest opinions about it.

Life happens. I’ve been in a season where that seems to be an on-going mantra – unexpected business trips; delayed and cancelled flights that cause me to extend trips an extra day; spontaneous road trips; and, sadly, even the sickness or death of a loved one.

All of that and more pretty much sum up the past year or so for me.

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Here’s How You Can Live In The Present … Starting Today!

Over the past few years it has become essential to me that I live in the present moment. To me this means being entirely focused on where I am, what I am doing and, most importantly, who I am with. Why is it important to live in the present moment, you ask? The “focus on right now” approach to life is important because negativity often comes from the memory of past events or behaviors. It is also hard to think positively when your imagination is creating nightmare scenarios of possible future outcomes.

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