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Buying Your Teenager A Car

Disclosure: This article on buying your teenager a car is written in partnership with University Motor Company.

I can’t even believe it’s time for me to start contemplating this. It seems like just yesterday we were in middle school creating a savings plan for his first car. In my mind that was decades away. But. Here we  are. This summer my oldest baby will be celebrating his 16th birthday and I am being bombarded with the question from family and friends,

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Our Visit to the Angel Oak Tree

Even though I grew up less than 20 miles away from the Angel Oak Tree outside of Charleston, South Carolina, I had no idea it existed.

I go home on a regular basis but, I’ll be honest. I truly take for granted many of the sights and culture the area has to offer. To me it’s home. When I am there I’m focused on visiting family, eating my Daddy’s home cooking and catching up with my girlfriends that still live in the area.

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Cultivating A Heart-Core Community

As a community builder and manager, it is important to me to focus on showing up for my community. That may include showing the good, the not-so-good and the growing pains. Recently I joined a great group of live-broadcasters to shares ways we are cultivating community and creating a heart-core following through our live-streaming channel on Periscope.

Showing Up For Your Community

In order to create a heart-core community,

Preparing For Summer Road Trips

Disclosure: This article on how we are preparing for our summer road trips is written in partnership with Bluff Road Auto Sales.

Summer is quickly approaching and my children and I are counting down the days. We have declared that this summer we are getting out of the house and exploring our state. During Spring Break we had the opportunity to be tourists in my home town of Charleston, South Carolina and we’re ready to expand our horizons.

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The Power of Self-Love

Watching my daughter has taught me so much about the power of self-love.

We’re all brought into this world filled with love and joy. At some point, something happens that causes things to shift in our world to make us believe we are not worthy. That realization helps me to watch my words and actions and shower my children with love and positive words and affirmations daily so they’ll always know and believe how great they are –

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Signs That You’re An Entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered why so many people are starting their own business? It’s possible that everyone got sick of a nine to five desk job, but what made them decide to take the leap and become their own boss instead of just looking for a more flexible position? The answer is simple; they were all entrepreneurs at heart. While all people can occasionally have a good ideas, only entrepreneurs have the guts and the drive to make turn their small idea into a money-making scheme.

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5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a House for the First Time

Buying a home for the first time is among the most momentous occasions in a person’s life. While it is a lengthy process, your goal is to end up with a home that you love at a price you can afford. It should be that simple, yet somehow, it can get pretty complicated. Make sure that you take the time to consider everything from all angles before placing an offer.

Below are a few factors that first time home-buyers should consider when searching the market for a new home.

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