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Videos by Michelle D. Garrett

Connecting with my community via video is something I do regularly on Periscope, Facebook and YouTube.

I enjoy speaking about goal accountability, business tips for new and struggling entrepreneurs and work-life balance for busy D.I.V.A.S.

I am also a member of the PeriGirls Community’s Leadership Team and Project Manager of our mastermind group, Heart Tribes 2.0.
PeriGirls is the largest community of female broadcasters. We support women with their live-streaming goals with events and activities that allow them to show up with the support of others.

My Why: How Goal-Setting Changed My Life

3 Ways to Repurpose Your Livestreams

Making the Most of Your Online Communities

2nd Annual Back-To-You Challenge Introduction

Keeping a Positive Mindset in a Chaotic World

November 2016

Using for Twitter Chats

September 2016

What’s Your Why? – Social Media Managers School

March 2016

Work Life Balance

April 2016

How to Be a D.I.V.A. in Your Day-to-Day Life

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