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How To Succeed At The 52 Week Money Challenge

With a new year comes goals, resolutions and promises to “get right”. Finance is an area that is often at the top of many a list and you may have seen the 52 Week Money Challenge come through your social media feeds. The basic concept of the plan is to save a specific dollar amount …

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No Regrets

Ever had one of those moments that seemed to be a life-changer or shifter? An event in your life you can pinpoint as the moment your life’s direction shifted courses? If you’d made just one different move or decision, it would have totally altered where you’re at right now? It seems like I have a …

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I’m Alive!

Good Morning Divas! It’s been almost a week! There’s been a lot going on and around my household and Mommy finally caught some variation of what the kids had been passing around for the last month or so. And it took me DOWN!!! <—– That doesn’t even begin to touch on how I felt and …

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