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The Importance of Me Time

Married life, children, a career, community service…that’s just the beginning of the list of responsibilities that I have. At some point not too long after my youngest son was born I realized I was just floating along. I was unhappy. I was doing “things” but nothing that truly brought me joy or a sense of purpose. I felt ashamed to admit it because I had a beautiful family, a great job and all the things that seemingly should have made me happy and fulfilled.

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Celebrate Motherhood

May is one of my favorite months for so many reason but mainly because of Mother’s Day and the opportunity to celebrate motherhood! Becoming a mom has definitely changed me for the better in so many ways. Each of my children has helped to shape a different aspect of my life and I’m a better person overall.

Yvonne over at Empowerment Moments is hosting her very first blog series “

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