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All About Frenchies Modern Nail Care in Lexington, SC

Quick Note: Frenchies Modern Nail Care in Lexington, SC hosted the CSC Mommy Blogger Tribe for a Mommy Time Pedis.

I recently shared a confession on Instagram after visiting Frenchies Modern Nail Care. I had a fabulous time. The staff was amazing. The atmosphere was relaxing. I was able to sit back and let myself be pampered. The confession? It was the first time I’d gone for a pedicure since I had the Lil’ Diva. Y’all. She turned 8 in October.


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Pedicures were something I truly enjoyed. It was my “me time”. As much as I love sandals in the spring and summer, having fun colors made me happy. I stopped painting my toes and had an ah-ha moment that I had started opting for closed-toe shoes when out and about. It was “easier,” I told myself.

Here’s the real deal. I was severely depressed. Now that I’m in a place of healing, I can recognize the signs of how I got to where I got. At some point, I gave up on me because I felt like I wasn’t worth the time and effort. Some won’t get it because they’ve never been in that place. Many of you will. This mental health journey is not easy. Learning, knowing and recognizing our triggers can be exhausting. It’s sometimes “easier” to just go with the flow than to explain and feel misunderstood.

Pedicures are something simple and easy that I love. I’m putting it back on my schedule at least once a month. Making the drive outside my 5-mile radius to Frenchies Modern Nail Care in Lexington, SC because the feeling of warmth and welcome I received when I walked in made me feel right at home.

Frenchies Modern Nail Care opened in Lexinton, SC on July 19, 2019.

Photo by Maddy Eccles

When did Frenchies Modern Nail Care open?

Frenchies Modern Nail Care is Diva-owned and operated by Julie Riley. They opened their doors in the Lexington, SC community on July 19, 2019. Frenchies offers a new kind of mani-pedi experience. They do things differently than your typical salon. At Frenchies, you’ll find friendly professionals, a fun vibe, posh pampering without the steep prices, and a super clean, inviting space that will change the way you expect your nail care to be delivered!

Frenchies offers individualized nail tools. Clients have the option to keep or toss them after use.

Photo by Maddy Eccles

Extra Clean and Environmentally Friendly

As a standard, Frenchies goes above and beyond when it comes to the cleanliness and sterilization of their studio and tools. They truly care about the health, well-being, and safety of their guests and they’re environmentally friendly.

I was very impressed to learn that they only use files, buffers and orangewood sticks once. They’re yours to keep or they’re tossed (or recycled if available in the area). The tools are never re-used.

Complimentary water, coffee, and tea are provided and served in glasses and mugs that are re-useable.

Complimentary coffee is served in mugs that can be washed - not tossed - at Frenchies.

Photo by Maddie Eccles

They use freestanding basins for foot soaks. You will not find jets or pipes to trap harmful bacteria. The basins are sanitized for 10 minutes between guests with cleaners that exceed industry disinfectant standards, yet eliminate harsh chemicals that aren’t good for us or our water supply.

Frenchies does not offer acrylic nail services. Why?  They do not want their guests, employees or studio’s fresh air to be exposed to the resins and formaldehydes found in acrylics. They promote natural nail care by carefully selecting products that are free of the worst toxic chemicals.

CSC Mommy Bloggers at Frenchies Modern Nail Care

Photo by Maddy Eccles

Location and Hours of operation

Frenchies is open daily at 9 AM. They are located at 5225 Sunset Blvd, Suite B in Lexington, SC.

How to connect

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Frenchies promotes natural nail care by carefully selecting products that are free of the worst toxins.

Photo by Maddy Eccles

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