Working From Home: Make It Work For You

Working From Home: Make It Work For You

More and more Divas are stepping out and making the choice to make their part-time endeavors their full-time focus. Working from home definitely has its benefits – especially when it comes to work-life balance and the flexibility to be more present for your family.  I’ll keep it real with you, working from home, also, has its own set of stressors. If we’re connected on social media, you’ll see that I attempt to share the good and the not-so-good that may be glossed over at times. Here are some ways you can make working from home work for you.

Set some business hours 

One of the biggest issues people who work from home find is that they always seem to be working. There never seems to be a cutoff point so they might end up answering emails from clients late at night. However, this can make your home life difficult if you are never there for your kids. Therefore, to ensure you aren’t on call for work 24/7, you need to make some clear business hours. You should tell your clients exactly when you are working, and when you are unavailable. That way, you won’t have to deal with calls at all times of the day and night. And you might even want to set up an automatic message on your emails when you are unavailable. That way, clients will know you won’t be responding straight away to their request.

Working From Home: Make It Work For You

Create a working area

It can be hard to get into work mode when you are at home. After all, when you have the kids around, it can be challenging to get on with your work. Therefore, you should create a working area in your property. It might be that you use one of the spare bedrooms as somewhere you can get on with your work. Just make sure your work area is not in the midst of the family home. Otherwise, you might get some visitors when you are trying to work. You can buy a desk for your computer so that you can get on with your work. And make sure you get a comfortable chair from companies like European Leather Gallery, so you don’t end up with a backache at the end of the day. Make it as close to a normal work environment as you can, so that you get in the right mindset.


Separate your business and home life

You need to make sure you keep your business and home life separate when you work from home. After all, things can get complicated if the two entwine. Therefore, it’s important to have separate phones so that you don’t end up answering a work call in a personal manner. And then never give your home address to clients. If you need to meet in person, you should opt for a cafe or restaurant. That way, it’s neutral ground, and it won’t disturb your kids.

And remember to stay organized when it comes to working from home. That way, you can make it work and be an excellent working mama.