What is Zero divided by Zero?

What Is 0 divided by 0?

If you want a chuckle and have not already done so, ask Siri what 0 divided by 0 is to hear her snarky response.

It’s actually one of those questions that makes mathaphobes (yep, made that up but you get my point) sweat and stammer. Honestly, the answer is indeterminable. But I love Siri’s Cookie Monster reference. Anything with sweets gets my attention and stays in my mind.

But let’s reflect on this question and relate it to the goals we set (or fail to set) for our personal and professional lives.

0 Divided By 0 Leaves You …

Zero effort divided by zero direction leaves you …. right where you are, an indeterminate location of being stagnant – not growing or thriving. Just being.

What is Zero divided by Zero?

Whether it is the beginning of a new year, new month or just a new day – I encourage you to really reflect on your needs and wants and the level of action you are willing and able to put into your success.

Having the dream is the easy part. Obtaining the dream takes action – focused action and effort on your part.

Free Smart Goal Resources

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My focus on SMART goals is because I know it is a proven method that works – not just for me, but for many others in various aspects of their life.

By specifically stating what you want and breaking it down into measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based steps you are giving yourself a framework for success.

Think about the numerous times you have wanted to save money versus the times you needed to save for a specific purchase you were excited and passionate about – when were you more successful?

Many of us can relate to wanting to lose a few pounds – were you more motivated to “lose weight” or to fit into that perfect dress for a special occasion?

Believe it or not, you were setting SMART goals in your personal life.

Being Accountable Leads to Follow Through

This was the feedback I received from one of the women that participate in my monthly goal accountability challenge here in Columbia, South Carolina. Knowing that there is someone who knows what you are working for, that is supporting you and willing to provide feedback, encouragement and motivation leads to you doing something towards your goal. Often more than you would do if no one knew you were striving towards it.

You do not have to share the intimate details at all. We had one Diva that was working on a private goal. She did not want to share with the large group for various reason, but we knew she had a special goal. We knew she had a target date of completion and we were able to support her work and effort publicly even though she kept her goal private.

Where ever you are in your personal and professional life right now, I encourage you to reflect on where you want and need to be. Take the time to lay a foundation for your success and enjoy the journey ahead of you!