Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cozy Cold-Weather Haven

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cozy Cold-Weather Haven

Right now, we all definitely want to warm things up a little. From our hands to our homes, too much heat is never enough. Because when you’ve got snow falling and temperatures dropping, it’s safe to say that a little coziness can go a long way. While gloves are going to be good enough to keep your hands heated, you’re going to have to work that little bit harder to heat up your home. Because sometimes, no matter how high you turn up the heating, or how insulated your home is, you just don’t always feel that cozy and warm. Instead, you may need to work on your decor. Whether you’ve just moved to a new place or your home just doesn’t feel all that inviting, you’re to want to warm things up, starting with everyone’s favorite – a cute and cozy bedroom.

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cozy Cold-Weather Haven

Work With Warm Colors

The first thing that’s going to help you here, is to work with a warm color palette. When the heating is on and your home feels pretty hot in temperature, yet you just don’t feel that cozy, it could be because you have cold colors in your decor. It’s always harder to feel comforted when things are like this. So, you’re going to want to use a cozy and warm color palette with red and oranges or pinks and browns to make things feel homely.

Dress The Windows

Lots of bright natural light can sometimes warm up a space, but it can also make it feel quite stark too. And that will only take away from the cozy feel. Instead, you want to try and keep things quite dark and moody. Because that tends to make a space feel cozy. So to do this, you may need to choose the right curtains and window dressings. This should also help to keep some of the heat in too.

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cozy Cold-Weather Haven

Install Warmer Bulbs

While we’re on the topic of light, you’re also going to want to think about installing some warmer bulbs too. Although brighter white bulbs can feel like a good idea, and that they provide you with the right amount of light that you need, they’re not really going to make you feel all that cozy. Instead, yellow light that’s not as bright will give off a warm and comforting glow.

Choose Comforting Furniture

Then, it’s time to think a little bit more about your furniture choices. Because you really need to find something that will work with the new decor touches you’ve chosen. With the right set, such as the Ashley bedroom furniture choices, you will find that your cozy feel is really set off. Because the wrong design will take away from your cozy feeling, which can often make your other touches less effective.

Finish With Cozy Soft Furnishings

And finally, you’re then going to want to bring everything together with the right textiles. It’s essential that you can make the space feel more inviting. From faux fur throws to silky cushions, you’re going to want to bring in pieces that you can cozy up; then, your room will always feel warm and welcoming.