Why You Should Still Take Your Children to the Library

Why You Should Still Take Your Children to the Library

Most children today have tablets and games consoles, filled with downloadable content. Even if they do read, many of the books they see are on a screen. While you may encourage them to read and even spend time reading with them, how often do you take them to the library? Probably not as often as your own parents took you. Despite the declining usage of libraries and government cuts meaning many local libraries are closing, your nearest library is still worth a visit. Here’s why.

Why You Should Still Take Your Children to the Library

Groups and Clubs

Libraries aren’t just about books. There are also groups and clubs for your children to be a part of. These could include craft clubs or homework groups. There are often toddler groups and things like baby yoga if you’ve got younger children to entertain. These groups are a way for your child to socialize, meet new people, and experience technology in a safe and welcoming environment.

To Encourage a Love of Books

Reading at home is great, but it’s not quite the same as being literally surrounded by books. Regular trips to the library will mean your child is much more likely to read and to continue to read as they get older. Who knows, one day this love could lead to them choosing to study a course such as an online masters in library science and end up working in a library themselves.


Libraries have a fantastic atmosphere. Your children will be surrounded by books. Libraries even smell like books. This atmosphere can get them in the mood for reading and learning in a way they can’t when surrounded by other distractions at home.


At home, your children will read what they know they like. When people buy them books, they’ll buy what they think they will like. This means children are only ever exposed to the same kinds of books. Spending time in a library your children will come across and be interested in many different works. Both fiction and non-fiction. This is especially true if they spend time with groups or speaking to library staff.


The world today is extremely fast and loud; even to children, this can be stressful. Libraries are peaceful and slow. This can help children relax and unwind. Many children struggle with anxiety and find visits to a safe place such as their favorite library can help them to cope.


Those studying a library science degree will be aware that libraries are changing. Many libraries now include technology labs. In these labs or media rooms, library users can experiment with cameras, recording equipment, video cameras and computers that they wouldn’t get to experience anywhere else.

To Teach Responsibility

As your children start to get older, having their own library card, which they keep themselves, and having to look after and remember to return their books, can be their first taste of responsibility. This can help them to mature, grow up, and learn the value of looking after things.

So, next time you out, why not pop into the library to get your children their own library cards and set them off on a lifelong book loving journey?