5 action steps that make staying cool this summer easier

Staying Cool This Summer

With summer right around the corner, the focus has turned from keeping your house warm in the winter, to how will I be staying cool this summer.  Of course, summer is a fantastically energizing season that fills us all with optimism and joy, but you can have too much of a good thing, as the sun can get so hot that we end up starting to feel agitated and lethargic.

At night, the prospect of waking up with damp sheets due to sweating is probably worse than the feeling of waking up cold in winter, as you can always put an extra blanket on the bed or turn up the electric blanket.  Escaping the heat, however, can be a lot harder to do.

Then, during the day, the intensity of the sun beating down on you has an incredibly draining effect on the body and the mind.  

Now, the blessing of air conditioning can help us get through these sweltering months, but only if it’s working at it’s best.  Indeed, now would be a good time to contact ABC Home & Commercial AC Repair, before it gets too hot, if you’re air conditioning system is broken or in need of a service.

Air conditioning is a great way to keep cool, but it does use a lot of energy, making it quite an expensive option, and also if you’re exposed to too much air conditioning, it can have a negative effect on your health.  For instance, it can dry out your skin, dehydrate you, and make your throat so dry that it feels sore.

This article looks at a number of suggestions to help you stay cool this money, and a lot of the tips are focused on doing so in a way to save you money, on cooling your house this summer.

How are you staying cool this summer?

Turn up the thermostat

If you have air conditioning in your home, it’s tempting to have it set so high that when you walk into your home it’s like walking into a walk-in freezer.  Yet, it takes a lot of energy to keep your home this cool, and it simply isn’t necessary.

Whilst the instinct is understandable, as when you’ve come in from the hot outdoors all you want is to cool yourself down instantly and therefore you relish the thought of blasting cold icy air at yourself, but a better way to achieve the same result (and a healthier plus cheaper way) is to take a cold shower… or if you’re feeling really hot, then to submerge your body in a cold bath.

There are a number of health benefits associated with taking cold showers and cold baths, but this way, you can turn the thermostat down a few notches to create a comfortable ambient temperature that isn’t akin to a walk-in freezer.  This will save a lot of money in the course of summer.

Then, another option if you’re in need of a quick blast of cold air, again, a much cheaper and more energy efficient alternative than having the air conditioning on it’s most powerful setting all the time… is to jump in your car and turn the air conditioning onto max.  Most cars today have great air conditioning and will blast out the icy air you crave on a hot summer’s day, almost instantly.

Make use of a timer

If you are lucky enough to have a modern air conditioning system installed in your home, then you’ll know the majority of thermostats today come with a timer function, which means you can set the air conditioning system to kick in just before you get home.  

This way you’re not wasting energy on keeping the house cool all day, when you’re not even at home.  The caveat to this, of course, is if you have pets in the property as it’s extremely important they are able to stay cool in the summer months too.  Indeed, the notion that dogs die in hot cars can be extended to the fact dogs dies in hot houses too.

Remember, unlike humans that have autonomous control over their circumstances (e.g. they can always open the door and leave the house, take a shower, and so on) pets are totally dependent on us to look after them… and therefore, keeping the house cool is just as important for them as it is for us.

Limit the number of rooms you cool

If you’re like most people then there’s a strong chance you spend most your time living in only a few rooms of your house, in fact, people spend almost 80% of their time at home in either the bedroom, living room or home office.

It’s sensible, therefore, to only cool the rooms you will actually be in as this will save a lot of money on energy costs.  The trick is to keep the doors closed to the other rooms that are used less often, and keep the windows closed too.

Insulate and ventilate

Typically, insulation is more known for keeping the heat in rather than the cool out, but the principle remains true, as good insulation will trap the cool air within your property.  Meaning all that air conditioning isn’t going to waste, seeping out your roof, for example.

Sometimes we forget, due to the wonders of air conditioning, that we can always just open a window and get some fresh air flowing around the property.  This is particularly helpful at night, when sleeping, as getting fresh air in our lungs is better for us than lying somewhere with air conditioning blasting out at us all night.

Change your bedding

The majority of people tend to get most hot in the night, so you’ll want to adapt your bedding to summer sheets rather than a thick winter duvet that will just make you sweat, in order to avoid waking up with damp sheets.  Many modern mattress also have a summer side and a winter side, so be sure to turn yours over to the right season, as this will help you keep cool at night too.