Snack Accidents Be Gone! thanks to your favorite #FiberOneFlavor

Snaccidents Be Gone!

Disclosure: This article is a sponsored conversation on preventing snack accidents on behalf of Fiber One and in partnership with Acorn Influence. I have received compensation for sharing with my community. All words, experiences and opinions are mine.

Ok, Moms. I need some input here. Usually during the summer, I find myself losing a few pounds because the heat and my eating habits do not mix at all.

This summer, being home with my youngest two children is doing a number on my waistline. These little ones love to eat. It seems like every 45 minutes or so I hear “Momma, I’m hungry.” or “Momma, is it time for (insert whatever meal or snack period is closest)?”. I don’t know where they are putting it, but I know where mine are at.

I’ll be honest. I’ve, also, been under some extra stress lately. And when I stress. I crave unhealthy foods – chocolates, sweets, sodas, ice cream, chips. You name it.

Something had to be done.

Preventing Snack Accidents

To help, we’re replacing many of our not-so-healthy snacks with healthier options and stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Snack Accidents Be Gone! Thanks to #FiberOneFlavor (ad)

The Little Diva and I took a trip to our local Wal-Mart to pick out some snacks. The great thing about my youngest two children are that they love fruits and vegetables. They’ll gladly take a salad over pizza. They did not get the gene from me. At all. After picking up her request for apples, bananas and the ingredients to make snack salad for the next week, we headed to the cereal aisle where the Fiber One bars were.

So many choices …

There are Fiber One Flavors for healthy moments, snacking moments and indulgence moments. We stocked up for all three moments.

Here’s the thing. The Strawberry Cheesecake bars were supposed to be my special treat …

Sharing my #FiberOneFlavor Indulgent Treat! (AD)

… but my daughter quickly claimed them as hers. And she really thinks that smile of hers is what does it. That played a small role, but getting her to add fiber to her diet is a great thing for so many reasons.

Have Healthy Snacks … Will Travel!

The great thing about Fiber One bars are that they can easily be kept in my purse and my children’s snack packs to keep us from “snack accidents” while out and about having summer fun!

And … can you believe they make a great add in for smoothies and even iced coffee? YES! I shared my full recipe in this Facebook post and this Instagram post. Enjoy!

Iced Coffee Supreme with #FiberOneFlavor (AD)

I’d love to know your favorite #FiberOneFlavor and how you’re making healthy snack choices this summer while having fun in the sun. You can, also, get more recipes on Fiber One’s website.