Small Things Pack A Big Punch

The Mosquito Effect: Small Things Pack A Big Punch

It’s as true in business as it is in life; we sometimes underestimate the influence of the little things. This can be a huge mistake to make, because, the little things, well, they aren’t that little. Of course, they won’t seem like much to you or to any observer for that matter, but isn’t that the point?

The most successful entrepreneurs aren’t the ones who can reel off a huge foray of amazing attributes, successes and achievements; they are the ones who do the little things exceedingly well, the things that make a huge impact on their customers and clients lives. If you think this is nonsense and think small things can’t make a difference, we dare you to get into bed with a mosquito.

Small Things Pack A Big Punch

And here are a few of the best little things you can adopt today that will make a big difference to your business:

Manners Maketh Money

They cost nothing but can get you everything, so make sure manners and politeness are of huge importance throughout your company. Encourage employees to wear a smile as part of their uniform, have them say please and thank you as often as possible, have them open doors open for clients and customers. When it comes to politeness, have your business go above and beyond.

People Want To Be Online

The rise of the internet has seen people become connected at all times and to not encourage this will reflect badly. That’s just the day and age we live in. People expect all businesses to have internet access; it doesn’t matter whether you own a warehouse or a restaurant, access is imperative. So get a good broadband package and, if necessary because you have a large premises, then get some Wilson Pro signal boosters to ensure everywhere is covered. It is better that you have internet access and it goes unnoticed than to not have internet access and it go noticed. It is as simple as that.

Words Can Inspire

Too many businesses fail to realise what a difference words can make to their business, but having a great copywriter on your team can go a long way to reaping rewards. Words are your way of communicating with your audience; your way of relating to them, evoking an emotion in them and building a common ground from which to grow. If you’re wondering what makes a good copywriter, it is their ability to understand people, your people, their ability to have insight into them and a sympathy toward them; it is a great way to build a better business. Words can be small but their results can be staggering.

Food For Thought

Something as simple as food can be your opportunity to achieve greatness. Even the hardest to reach person in business will not turn their nose up at free lunch, so if there is a businessperson that you want to meet, to talk with, to land, then don’t underestimate the power of a lunch invite. We all have to eat, and we all want to eat good food on someone else’s buck. So if you are looking for ways to grow the strengths of your relationship, build new bridges or secure new sales leads then send out a lunch invite. It is a lot cheaper and a lot more personal than any amount of marketing ever will be.