How Setting Up Your First Office Isn't As Scary (Or Expensive) As You Think

How Setting Up Your First Office Isn’t As Scary (Or Expensive) As You Think

It’s no secret that most entrepreneurs start their businesses from home. The evolution of technology has meant remote working is now easier than ever before. But, there are some drawbacks to running your business from home. For a start, you may not have an area in your home dedicated to your enterprise. And there’s also the issue of interruptions from family members.

Perhaps the biggest downside to a home-based business is your professional image. Some potential clients may not wish to work with you if you work out of your home. If you feel that now is the time to get a dedicated office, the process need not be as scary or costly as you might think! Here’s why:

How Setting Up Your First Office Isn't As Scary (Or Expensive) As You Think

Co-working spaces are cheap

Let’s say that you want a more professional address for your business. You’d also like to be around other professionals. But, you can’t quite afford a full-blown office space for your company. It’s now possible to pay for shared office spaces. What you typically get is a desk, chair, telephone, and Internet access.

Providers like Regus offer co-working spaces to entrepreneurs that want to be around like-minded entrepreneurs.

Startup offices are also cheap

Do you only need a small office to work from? But do you want it to be in a fully managed and serviced office building? If so, another option is to rent a startup office. Although they cost more than co-working spaces, the upside is you have dedicated office space for your business.

Many providers of such offices also allow you to hire meeting rooms, complete with refreshment facilities. And as your business grows, you could upgrade to a bigger office within the same building.

Moving your stuff into an office isn’t going to be a nightmare

You’ve probably got all kinds of office equipment, computers, boxes of paperwork and so forth. You may also have some furniture that you’ve bought specifically for use with your business.

If you hate the idea of cramming all those items in your car and lugging it around, don’t worry! There are plenty of stress free furniture removals specialists out there you can pay to box up and move your things to your new office. I don’t know about you, but I seldom relish the idea of dismantling things like office desks and chairs and trying to move them without damaging them!

You don’t have to pay for provider-offered telephone lines and the Internet

Usually, an office building management company will charge you extra for phone lines and Internet access. The trouble is, they sometimes charge you a lot more than what you would pay had you set it up yourself.

Depending on your office location, you could simply have such facilities installed yourself and billed to you directly from the utility companies. If you can’t have that done, there are other ways around the problem.

For instance, you can use a mobile phone for communication with your clients and suppliers. To make life easier, you could advertise a geographic telephone number that gets routed to your mobile. There’s also high-speed mobile broadband Internet access at your disposal too.

See how moving to your first office isn’t as stressful or expensive as you first thought?