Save Money Around The Home With These Top Tips

Save Money Around The Home With These Top Tips

Running a home is more expensive these days than ever before. The cost of rents and mortgages are high. Property prices are also rising so buying another home is not always a solution to save yourself money. But there are plenty of things you can do around the house to save a small fortune.

When I transitioned to full-time divapreneurship last year, there were some adjustments to our family budget that had to be made. Finding ways to save money around the home became a priority for me. I’m a big believer in small savings adding up to larger ones – so even the smallest change that I could make made a difference within our big picture.

Save Money Around The Home With These Top Tips

How To Save Money Around The Home

Here are some of our top tips to help you save money around the home:


Lighting in the kitchen is normally quite cheap to run. Ceiling spots and cooker hood lighting are usually halogen bulbs. But you can save even more by using LEDs and buying from a reputable wholesale lighting supplier. The bulbs can be cheaper, and then the running costs are reduced because the wattage is much smaller.

You can also save a fortune on cleaning solutions by switching to steam. Steam cleaning can still kill the bacteria and germs found in your kitchen. And it can clean windows, floors and tile grouting too. Best of all, steam cleaners cost very little to buy these days. And all you need to create steam is water from the faucet.

Living Room

The living room is where we spend most of our time at home. We want to be comfortable when we’re sitting, and we want to be warm. By adding draft excluders to your windows and doors, you can cut down the amount of heat lost. Thermal lined curtains will also greatly reduce the heat escaping through your window panes.

Carpets and rugs are another way to feel warmer. Rugs are a very cheap way to add an extra layer to the floor. They can be easily cleaned, and you can replace them quite readily each time you want to change your decor. Save money on your electricity bill by switching the TV off at the socket overnight. You can also use LED bulbs to light your home to save even more.

Save Money Around The Home With These Top Tips


Dripping taps and faucets can cost a fortune in wasted water. Check your pipes and water services every month to be sure you’re not losing a drop. Try not to leave the tap running when you brush your teeth. And make sure you have everything to hand when you’re in the shower.

If you find you need to run the shower for a while to get the water temperature right, it might be time to invest in a new shower. Thermostatically controlled shower pumps can drastically reduce temperature fluctuations. You can also install eco-flush toilets to reduce your water bill even further.


Keeping cool in the summer is tough when you’re in bed. Rather than running the air conditioning all night, why not use blackout blinds to keep the heat out of the room in the first place? A small fan can provide just enough air movement to feel more comfortable at a fraction of the running cost.

There are plenty of ways to save your hard-earned cash at home.

Why not try some of these tips today? You may find enough cash leftover for a treat!