Safe Online Gaming Habits

Online gaming has quickly become the trend among adults and children – especially with the capability to play them through social media networks. It’s essential to establish safe online gaming habits. There are so many different reasons why many are turning to online gaming in their free time:

“I like to play because it’s mind-challenging, and I get to engage socially with the friend that I’m playing against.” – Sharetha, Sharetha Monique Photography

“I like to play spades… [It’s] fun and I play because I am good and none of my family and friends will play with me because I beat them all the time.” ~ Kita, It’s Really Kita

“I like that I can see my friends’ progress while playing – and we can send each other lives.  My 10-year-old, also, likes to play. I think it’s a good brain game.” ~ Laura

Tips for Safe Online Gaming

Safe Online Gaming Habits to Practice

According to Get Safe Online, if you play online games:

  • Make sure you have updated and effective antivirus, spyware and firewall protections on your computer. My oldest son learned this the hard way and has been banned from using my PC for his online gaming
  • Choose user names that do not reveal personal information and do not give out personal information in online gaming forums and profiles.  Make sure you do not use names that reference information you may use for security questions (birth date, year, middle name, etc)
  • Set guidelines and rules for your children’s online gaming and monitor them routinely. The computer my son uses is in a high traffic area in our house and the monitor is easily visible when someone walks by
  • Downloading “cheats” with the intent to get additional help are often files that include viruses and spyware

Online gaming has become a past time enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds for numerous reasons.  By practicing safe online gaming, you’re protecting yourself, your family and your personal information.

What online games do you enjoy playing?
What safe online gaming solutions do you implement in your households?