Review: The Broken Gift by Daniel Friedmann

I received a digital copy of The Broken Gift by Daniel Friedmann to review and share my thoughts with my readers.

The Broken Gift Synopsis from Amazon

The Broken Gift carefully examines the relationship between scientific theory and Biblical teachings. The book approaches the human origins debate from a fresh perspective informed by both scientific and scriptural research. The book demonstrates alignment between key events and their dates relating to the appearance and early history of our species as described in Genesis chapters 1 through 11 (Adam, Adam’s descendants, the Flood, and the fall of Babel) with those derived from scientific observation.

In The Broken Gift, you’ll discover:

  • Genesis, the first book of the Bible, and the scientific timeline for human origins and why they should agree;
  • What Adam and Eve were really like vs. us, the homo sapiens;
When humankind appeared, from a spiritual and scientific perspective;
  • Who was the first man and what did he look like?;
  • Why did we survive over 20 hominin species?;
Why we are in some ways similar to apes and in others completely different; What does it mean to be human from a biblical and scientific perspective?;
  • How the Flood occurred and how it changed human history;
How human language developed and how the event of Babel affected it.

About the Author: Daniel Friedmann

orn in Chile and raised in Canada, Daniel Friedmann studies the origin of the universe and life on earth from both the scientific and Biblical perspectives. He holds a master’s degree in engineering physics and is CEO of a leading Canadian aerospace company. Daniel Friedmann’s first book, The Genesis One Code, demonstrated an alignment between key events and times as described in the creation narrative in the book of Genesis with those derived from scientific theory and observation. Through his writings, speaking engagements and appearances on television and radio, he wishes to help the young and all students of our world put science and the Bible into mutually comprehensible, and in turn respectful, contexts.

My Review of The Broken Gift

I’ll admit I was a tad bit skeptical about what I was going to be getting into at first. My religion is very important to me. I am a firm believer in studying and garnering information from different sources to build upon my knowledge and understanding.

What impressed me most about this book from the start was the author’s care to respect the Scriptures and not defunct them but add onto what Christians believe to be true about the Bible and Creation. There first chapter lays out the foundation clearly for the reader to know what to expect while reading The Broken Gift chapter by chapter.

Even if you are clueless about world history, Mr. Friedmann easily intertwines brief history lessons into each chapter so you can easily see how world history correlates to Biblical history.

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m a self-proclaimed nerd. This book has tables, figures, timelines, lists and references galore that grabbed my attention. I was quickly engrossed with relating the history I’d studied for years in school with the history I’d been taught in church and through my independent studies. This book brought back fond memories of a World Religions course I took years ago that helped spark my zeal for knowledge when it came to my faith.

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