At the beginning of the year I was in a special place – nervous about first full year of being a full-time entrepreneurs, lots of uncertainties. Made it a point to be happy and enjoy happy moments. I found myself in a situation where I was focusing more on negative things.

I’ve come to realize that when I’m happy and enjoying life, my children respond in a positive manner. My goal is to provide them with habits and routines so they can begin forming healthy wellness routines at an early age.  As their mom, I want them to walk in their purpose and do the things that bring them joy in life. 

I had to make a conscious decision to reclaim my happy. I have truly embraced the importance of being intentional about finding joy in life. It will make a difference in so many different ways and areas of your life over time. Here are 7 routines I have implemented that have helped me to do just that.

7 Ways to Reclaim Your Happy

7 Ways to Reclaim Your Happy

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s easy to get stressed and caught up. Take a moment to breathe and ask yourself if this will matter a year from now? 6 months? Next week? Tomorrow? Get through that moment and keep pressing forward.
  2. Give yourself a break. No one knows everything and is perfect. No matter how much someone tries to portray themselves as a picture of perfection, it’s just that – an illusion. You have to allow yourself grace and realize that you will make mistakes. Keep pressing forward. Don’t expect to get everything right all the time. Let go of perfection.
  3. Use mistakes as an opportunity to learn. Grow from those moments. Look at what went wrong and how you can improve. You’ll be better prepared if that experience comes up again in your life.
  4. Start saying “yes”. Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes has been on my reading list for way too long. However, we often miss out on opportunities because of excuses. Many times because we’re uncomfortable. We need those moments of being uncomfortable. You learn more about yourself and those around you. You never know what doors will be opened by trying something new. Increased confidence and self-awareness. 
  5. If not now, when? Just do it now. There will never be an ideal time to do something new and different in your life. Example – transition to moving to full-time entrepreneur (need more savings, don’t want to lose vacation days, etc). If you’ve been given the vision and keep making excuses, take out a piece of paper and write out all of the excuses. Reflect on them and determine how many are truly valid.
  6. Forgive others. Don’t hold grudges. That takes a toll on your happiness. The other person has moved on and you’re giving them control over your success and happiness. Sometimes we trust the wrong people, it happens. We can take those lessons and move forward with that information and life lessons. Move forward with the knowledge and freedom of forgiveness.
  7. Forgive yourself. Beating yourself up is a quick way to drain your happiness. We’re going to mess up. That’s life. It happens. Embrace that you’re not perfect and move forward knowing that you can learn from the mistakes that you make and teach others, as well. You find yourself freer and full of joy. Let go of those things you feel you may have failed on during life or missed opportunities. Realize not everything was for you to have in the moments you desired them.

If you find yourself consistently in a dark place, please look at speaking with a professional. If finances, health insurance or time restraints are keeping you from attending a traditional doctor, please see this article I wrote in partnership with Amwell – a telehealth company that offers doctor’s visit from the comfort of your own home.