Promote Brand Awareness via Social Media

7 Ways to Promote Brand Awareness

The ultimate achievement in branding is to have your company product or name overtake the existing English word. We can see this sort of thing all around us in conversation. People don’t say, “I searched online for pajamas.” They say “I Googled pajamas.” People don’t say that the played “flying saucers” at the weekend. They say “I played frisbee.” And they don’t day “extruded polystyrene insulating foam.” They say “styrofoam.”

All these brands have had a mixture of luck and cleverness. They’ve managed to get their brand to replace the actual word we had before. And it’s a significant achievement. People are so aware of your brand that they don’t know how else to describe the product.

Obviously, you’re not going to become a household name overnight – unless you’re Airbnb. But there are ways that you can build your brand slowly, but surely into people’s hearts.

7 Ways to Promote Brand Awareness

Paid Social Advertising

Building brand awareness is all about building familiarity. The more people are exposed to what you do, the more they’ll start associating it with a particular product. Now you can pay to have your product advertised on social media. It’s relatively cheap to go through Twitter and Facebook. And it helps to convert new customers to your brand. No, you’re not going to become the new Coca-Cola. But you will see an uptick in interest in your business over the long term.

Promote Brand Awareness via Social Media

Remarketing Ads

What exactly are remarketing ads? You’re probably used to the fact that people come to your site, have a look, and then leave without buying. But the fact is that they did go to your site. And that suggests that you have at least something to offer them. Remarketing ads will follow non-converted customers on their travels around the web. Your company advertising will appear when they go to an affiliated website. And this will serve to remind them gently that they were interested in your product. Perhaps they’ll even make a return visit to your site.

It’s also worth mentioning that remarketing is quite a smart little tool. The fact that your adverts appear everywhere give the impression that your company is a lot bigger than it is. And that might convince some customers to give you another chance.

Tell Stories Like A Pro

Most of us can engage our kids in a good story. But it takes a rather special kind of person to elicit the same rapt interest in adults. Storytelling is what it is all about. And if you can tell a good story, people won’t forget your name.

For instance, cast your mind back to 2005 when nobody had heard of Innocent Smoothies. The brand burst onto our scenes because of its unique story. Here was a company that cared about our health, and wanted us to be able to snack conveniently. The company made a big song and dance about how their products were just natural food. And the message stuck. Now the company ships all over the world and is a highly recognizable brand. We’re not drinking “Innocents” yet. But who knows, that company might one day rid the English language of the word “smoothie.”

Make Your Customers Wear Your Brand

A few years ago What Mountain Bike magazine wanted to boost their brand. So what did they do? They came up with the idea that they would ship every copy of their magazine with a biking bandana. The bandana was ostensibly designed to help bikers keep the sweat out of their eyes or keep them warm in winter. But it proved to be a great way of inserting the brand name into biking clothing. There is no substantial market for cycling bandanas. And so the magazine wasn’t fighting an uphill battle against established players. Thus the bandanas proved to be useful and got the branding in front of the people that counted.

Bandanas have had a long and winding history. You can check it out here. And until the last few years, they weren’t on entrepreneurs’ collective radar. But now companies realize that they are also an untapped opportunity to get their brand out to their target markets. No matter what the brand is, it’s likely that people interested in the brand will associate with their target audience. Thus, it’s a way of getting your brand in front of the people who really count.

7 Ways to Promote Brand Awareness
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Car Wraps

It’s a classic strategy, but it works. The biggest billboard most people own is their car. And they spend all day driving it around. So why not use it as a moving advertising platform? Customized wraps can display anything you want. You can advertise contact details, promotions, prices, discounts or even job postings.

Referral Programs

How do your brand in front of more people? Why, start a referral program, of course! Referral programs are great for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. It’s when you reward somebody for referring you to another client or customer.

It’s a strategy that has been used by the best. Back in 2010, when nobody had heard of Dropbox, the company wanted to share what it was doing. So it started its own referral program. Users were rewarded with more storage for each new person they referred to the system. The program worked. The people doing the referring loved the service and wanted more space to manage their files. And the people they attracted helped Dropbox become what we know and love today.


When most people think about podcasts, they think of geeky tech news coverage or fitness freaks. They don’t think about business. But why is that? Mainly, it’s because they can’t see themselves appealing to a broad audience talking about their product all day long. But this misses the point of podcasting. It’s not meant to be one very long advert for your business. It’s supposed to attract the type of people you’ll be selling to. You want a podcast where the link to your product is visible, but that generates compelling content. For instance, if you’re a broker, you could do podcasts on the wider economy.