Preparing Yourself for Special Occasions

Preparing Yourself for Special Occasions

There are many milestones in life that require that extra bit of effort. When it comes to your high school prom, graduation or your wedding day, you’ll want to look your best. These are occasions that you’ll remember for a lifetime (not to mention, your grandmother will keep every picture and pull them out at the most inappropriate of times). So, what can you do to ensure you’re on your best form for every event?

Preparing Yourself for Special Occasions

Start Early

When it comes to occasions like these, you’ll have a picture in your mind for how you want to look and how things should go. This isn’t easy to achieve so it’s best to plan ahead. Make a list of the things you need to do in advance so you aren’t waking up on the day and just expecting everything to fall into place magically.

Treat Your Hair

Your hair can take a bit of a battering when it comes to special occasions. It’s styled, curled, pulled up, dragged down and sprayed within an inch of its life. A few weeks before the planned event, give your hair a quality conditioning treatment, like a hair mask. Don’t do it a few days before because the treatment will make your hair soft and smooth, which isn’t ideal when you want up-do’s or curls.

Take Care of the Little Things

To other people, things like the cake and flowers for a wedding may seem like insignificant details. No-one really pays much attention to the favours, the colours or what plates you’ve chosen. But, all of these little details display your personality and they’re important to you. Having said that, organising the florist and bakery will be on your to-do list. Be aware of when you have to pick up things like your fresh Hawaiian leis for graduation at With Our Aloha.

Get Body Ready

It’s always nice to have a pamper, but you should know the rules when it comes to big events. Similarly to your hair, it’s wise to have facials a few weeks ahead. Facials will open up your pores and it can sometimes result in blemishes. You don’t want to be showing up to your graduation, when you have to walk on stage in front of hundreds, with spots on your face. It’s also no good spending weeks picking the perfect knee length dress, just to realise you forgot to shave your legs.

Get Plenty of Rest

The stress of planning any big event can take its toll on you. Make sure you get your well-deserved beauty sleep, especially the night before. You don’t want to be dealing with large black circles under your eyes on your big day. Try taking a long, hot bath and doing something that relaxes you before sleep, like reading a book.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself. Events like these can never go as perfectly as we imagine but you’ll always look back with fondness if you can learn to be in the moment.