My Response To The Race Together Initiative

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks,  recently announced the company’s newest initiative. Starbucks and USA Today have partnered to “stimulate conversation, compassion and action around race in America”.  The initiative has been widely discussed, debated, supported and thrashed in the media and in various social media outlets.

Their goal? To have those conversations that we often shy away from. To face the issues that seem to be tearing our society apart. It is not a black-white thing.

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Seaside Secrets by Melissa Foster

I received a free copy of Seaside Secrets written by Melissa Foster to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours. No other financial compensation was received and, as always, all opinions shared are 100% mine.


The newest addition to the LOVE IN BLOOM series, featuring a group of fun, sexy, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages.

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Local Events Can Help Build Your Brand

Divas With A Purpose Vendor Event Must Have | A Great Attitude!

Disclaimer: This article on how local events can help build your brand contains a review and affiliate links. All thoughts are my own and include information on how I leverage local events in my area to connect with customers and fellow business owners.

Local events are a great way to connect with your readership and establish your brand in your community. I participate in vendor events at least 3-4 times a year.

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What’s Your DIVAtude? – Luck of the Irish Giveaway Hop

Hi there! For all that are visiting courtesy of The Luck of the Irish Giveaway Blog Hop – WELCOME 🙂

Here at Divas With A Purpose we’re focused on embracing what we like to call “The DIVAtude” – being driven, inspiring, victorious and called to action within our personal and professional lives.

We share tools and resources to help us be the absolute best DIVAs we can be.


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Happiness Is … Loving Yourself

Happiness! One of my favorite topics.  I have joined host and bestselling Publisher Linda Joy as a Sacred Sponsor of the Choosing Happiness Crusade and Video Series.  This inspirational series features 30 intimate soul-inspiring video conversations created to inspire YOU to believe that despite the messiness of life – happiness is within reach. Unlike other “interview’ style events, Linda’s style makes you feel like you are sitting at the kitchen table with your dearest divas getting real,

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Simple and Easy Gumbo and Cornbread

Simple and Easy Gumbo

Between Valentine’s Day and the start of Mardi Gras, I decided to surprise my husband with one of his favorite dishes – gumbo. Here’s the thing, the idea to make said gumbo came at the spur of the moment while I was driving home from work. If you’ve ever watched or made true gumbo, you know it’s some WORK. We’ve shared my aversion to the kitchen before, so I had to come up with a plan E for Easier.

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9 Ways that Giving Back Helps You

9 Ways Giving Back Helps You

Of all the trends sweeping the country, giving back is possibly the very best one. Individuals, families, schools, non-profit programs, organizations like the Bob Parsons’ foundation, and entire communities are jumping on the do-gooder wagon.

From spending hours volunteering to simply writing a check and sending it off in the mail, there are a host of ways to contribute. Aside from doing good for others, giving back also benefits the self.

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