Who Is The Most Deserving Person You Know?

Who is the most deserving person you know?

For me that is a tough question. I am blessed to be surrounded by some wonderful, caring, giving and self-less people – personally and professionally.

My mother comes to mind. She selflessly gives of her time, talents and resources to others. She is always positive and encouraging. If she knows you are going through a difficult season you will get random encouraging texts or cards from her. I can confide in her and know that she’ll truly listen. If you ask for advice, she’ll give it. If you ask for an ear, she’ll give you just that. She’s my mom – and she’s just awesome.

My fellow blogging DIVA, Author Rhachelle Nicol’ is  passionate and committed to bringing awareness to domestic violence through her #MyScars chats, t-shirt line and online and offline community. She gives so much of herself to others selflessly and I’m thankful to call her friend.

The ladies of Sigma Beta Xi, Incorporated – a community-based sorority that I belong to – amaze me on a daily basis with their self-less giving, support and spirit of sisterhood.

Another blogging DIVA, Natasha of Houseful of Nicholes who dedicates countless hours to Habitat for Humanity in Chicago and recently completed a trip with Habitat for Humanity to Malawi. She uses her platform to bring awareness and encourage and inspire others with her personal family anecdotes.

I could go on and on listing DIVAs that are everyday heroes in their own rights. That give back and sow into others because they have a true passion to do so. I am sure you could do the same thing!

There’s a new game show coming up that wants to share those stories and show others the compassionate side of humanity here in America.

NBC Game Show

I grew up watching game shows. When I visit my parents, there are three things I can count on my Daddy to be watching – sports, Westerns or a game show. I’ll be honest, some of the newer game shows cause me to reach for the remote or leave the room. However, every now and then there’s a newer show that appeals to my interest and I make it a point to tune in and cheer on the contestants.

NBC is teaming up with LeBron James to produce just that kind of show. This game show will give dynamic & deserving teams of 2 the chance to win a life-changing amount of money.  They are currently searching nationwide for everyday heroes who have given back to their communities and/or have a sweet story about how they helped someone in need.

Are you in or close to Denver, Colorado?

There’s an open call TOMORROW and  dynamic & deserving teams of 2 are being asked to go to the Denver Marriott City Center from 9 AM to 4 PM for this life-changing opportunity.

Are you in or close to Boston, Massachussets?

There’s an open call on Saturday, July 11th from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Not close to either of those cities? No worries, you can still submit your application online. I’d love to know if someone from our Divas Community tried out so we could cheer you on!

Who would you nominate?