What New Moms Really Want

Disclaimer: This article on what new moms really want includes a review of a product received free of charge from Hallmark. All content, opinions and information are mine.

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Ok. We’ve gotten all of that out of the way. I have been that new mom that was overwhelmed, stressed and on the brink of falling apart. Friends and family would visit or call and I am beyond appreciative that they thought about me and wanted to share in our family’s joy and happiness of our newest addition.

What New Moms Really Want

A few gestures and gifts truly stick out and I try to pass these on when someone close to me has a new baby.

5 Things New Moms Really Want

  1. Ask how Mom is doing and truly listen to what she says (and doesn’t say). Fine or great is the generic answer, but listen for signs of stress and possible postpartum depression. We know you want to see the baby. Remember the first few weeks can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. New moms will appreciate genuine concern for their health and well-being.
  2. Ask Mom what they really need for the baby. Many people wait until after baby is home to bring gifts and well-wishes. By this time Mom has usually had a baby shower (or 2) and has all the cutesy outfits, diaper bags, and toys she needs. Ask her what she is really in need of for baby (specific brand of diapers, wipes, or a gift card to the store she shops at most frequently).
  3. Give Mom a self-care gift. Let’s be honest, she’s earned it. Gift her with something to remind her how amazing she is and / or to remind her to take care of herself while caring for her new baby.
  4. Offer to help. Drop off a meal. Stop by to help cook or clean. Watching the little ones while mom gets some rest. Gift them with a service that helps take care of one must-do on her list. No matter the help you offer, it’ll be appreciated.
  5. Give them space. Lots of moms prefer to keep visitors to a minimum during the first few weeks. Respect her wishes and send texts / emails to check in. She’ll respond to them when she gets a chance.

The Good-Night Kisses Baby Gift Set

The lovely folks at Hallmark sent me The Good-Night Kisses Baby Gift Set. It’s is an adorable set featuring a Hallmark premium plush owl, Hallmark’s “Good-Night Kisses” bedtime book and Johnson & Johnson bath products. I, happily, gifted this to my little sister after the birth of her son earlier this month. My niece promptly claimed the plush owl and bedtime book. This was a great big sister gift. The one-on-one reading time at bedtime is perfect to spend quality time. She’s adjusting great to no longer being the baby of the family.

Good-Night Kisses Baby Gift Set

I am able to gift one of my readers with this set thanks to Hallmark. Pair this with one of the items on our What New Moms Really Want List or send alone with a nice card or note.

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