New Moms: Coping After Childbirth

New Moms: Coping After Childbirth

A lot of people forget how traumatic childbirth can be to the body. After all, while it’s the most natural thing in the world, the aftermath can be painful for the new mom. And if you have had a c-section, it can take even longer to recuperate before you are back on your feet. All the while, you have a newborn baby to look after! Therefore, a lot of moms struggle to cope in the first few weeks. However, there are some things you can do to make it easier. In fact, here are some tips for new moms on coping after childbirth.

New Moms: Coping After Childbirth


Get a comfortable nursing chair for feeding and rocking your baby

It’s often hard to get comfortable after you have had your baby. And when you need to do things like feed and rock your baby to sleep, it can make it a challenge. Therefore, you need a good supportive chair which can ease the pressure on your back. A lot of people consider going for a comfortable nursing chair which can be placed in your newborn’s room. After all, this will give you the support you need for your back. And it will allow you to take care of your newborn without being in discomfort. It will even do all the rocking for you, so you don’t have to do much movement when you are trying to get your little one to sleep. You can also get extra support to use with the chair such as a V-shaped pillow. After all, you can rest the baby’s head on this while you are breastfeeding. So it can make it less painful feeding your baby! And you can also use this pillow in bed with you to help you get comfortable.

Find easier ways to take care of your home

Regular chores can feel like torture after you have given birth. After all, things like vacuuming can feel impossible. And you have to be careful about leaning down if you have been for a c-section. After all, you could open the stitches if you are not careful. But you still want a tidy and clean home when you have visitors over to see your baby. Thankfully, there are some ways you can clean your home without too much pressure on your baby. For one thing, you should look into a robot vacuum. After all, you can just turn these on, and it will clean the floor without you lifting a finger. And it will stop you needing to bend down and move your body much to clean your property. You can find the best robotic vacuums for every need by looking online. After all, there are reviews aplenty about which one you should buy for your home. Also, it might be worth looking into hiring a cleaner for a couple of weeks while you recuperate. That way, they can keep your home clean while you concentrate on your baby!

Bottle feed or express your milk instead of breastfeeding

Of course, there is a lot of research which says that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. However, if you have had a traumatic birth, you might struggle to get into a routine with your baby. After all, it might be a challenge to work on latching when you are exhausted and in pain. Therefore, to make it easier, you might want to consider bottle feeding your baby. That way, you and your partner can take turns to feed your baby. And it means you won’t have to do every night feed so that you can try and get some sleep. You might want to consider using formula. After all, you can easily pick up a whole range which is easy to make for your little one. Or you might want to look at expressing milk. That way, it’s still a natural way of feeding your baby. But your other half can do this while you get some rest after childbirth!

Accept help from other people

It can often feel like failure when you accept help to take care of your newborn. But you should take the help when you are a new mom. After all, you can then get some rest or fresh air while friends and family take care of your newborn. At the end of the day, the first few weeks of motherhood can be overwhelming. So let others help you to relieve some of that pressure. And remember that people like midwives and health visitors are there to give you guidance too. So ask them for help too when you are trying to cope after having your baby.

And remember that every day is a learning curve. So just take one day at a time, and you will get there in the end with your newborn.