Need More Control

Need more control? Write a novel. Guest Post by Pamela T Starr

Need more control?  Write a novel.

When I was newly married, I couldn’t understand why my husband wouldn’t do the things I wanted.  When I was a new mother, I couldn’t understand why my baby cried for no apparent reason.  As a woman, I couldn’t understand why my hair looked great when I was staying home and got frizzy when I need to look good.

Need More Control

So I wrote a novel.

I lived through my heroine.  Sure, she had issues, but I could control them. She lived in Florida (just like me), but her hair never got limp in the humidity.  Her child could get sassy, but was still endearing.  Her boyfriend was a tall, handsome, uber-successful attorney, but he seemed to have plenty of time to spend with her.

(Spoiler alert!)

Best of all, I knew her life was going to end up perfect.

As I plotted and planned and led my heroine through her dramas, I knew it all was going to be okay.  Of course it was, I was the one in control.

The year that I wrote my novel Truths Not Spoken was a tough one for me.  I was a corporate employee and my company had been acquired by another, much larger organization.  Many friends and coworkers were laid off.  Those of us who were left behind had more and more work combined with more and more uncertainty.  Looking back, I see that writing became my therapy.  Finally, I could control the world, at least my fictional part of it.

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Fast forward to today and my life has calmed down quite a bit.  My next novel is sketched out, but I don’t have the same burning desire to work on it that I had on my last one.  Is that because I just need a break?  Or because I’m getting lazy?  Or maybe it is because I don’t have as much of a need to control the world.

I’m looking forward to getting to know my next batch of characters.  But for now, they are sitting in their little worlds, frozen in mid-motion until I find time to work on them.  Hopefully my world doesn’t need to implode again before I get to know them.  But if it does, I’ll know they are there to save me.

Pamela T. Starr is the author of Truths Not Spoken.  Available on, the novel is a must read for every women who balances her dreams of love with a man with the needs of her child.   Visit Pamela at or on Facebook at Pamela Starr Novels.