What to Do and Not Do Your First Night In Your New Home

What to Do and Not Do Your First Night In Your New Home

The first night in a new house is always a challenge. With 20+ years associated with the military between my parents and my husband, I have had my share of moves and the challenge of unpacking boxes. Honestly, we’ve been in our current home for over 5 years and I still stumble across a box that needs unpacking from time-to-time.

Facing a move soon? Here are some tips on what and what not to do:

What to Do and Not Do Your First Night In Your New Home

What Not To Do: Unpack everything. Being surrounded by a sea of boxes is a slightly overwhelming prospect, and it’s an understandable decision to start unpacking everything immediately. But the truth is that you shouldn’t worry too much about that on the very first night in your house. Chances are you’re exhausted after a busy day and a stressful few weeks, so it’s time to cut yourself some slack and try to relax and rest a little so that you can get going bright and early the next morning.

What To Do: Unpack your essentials box. Before you moved, you should have sorted yourself out a box full of what exactly you’d need on the first night in your new house – and these essentials are the only things that you initially need to worry about. So long as you have toiletries, fresh clothes, water, tea, coffee, and other things you’ll need overnight, you’re set.

What Not To Do: Set up things at random. It’s easy to go through the house and randomly pick the easiest things to unpack first – transferring armfuls of clothes from suitcases into your closet is a pretty easy task, for example. But you need to focus on what you really need right away instead of picking the easiest tasks first. Professional moving companies can help you figure it out.

What To Do: Set up the most important rooms. Make sure that you prioritize your unpacking carefully and ensure that the rooms that you’ll need first are ready. The rooms to think about the most are probably the bedrooms and bathrooms, followed by the kitchen. Make sure that you set your bed up so you have somewhere to sleep that night, and get your towels and toiletries out in the bathroom so you can rinse off all the dirt, sweat and stress of moving day.

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What Not To Do: Think about the past. On the first night in a new house, it’s easy to start feeling a little blue. Your old house was where all the memories were, and it’s hard to think about starting a new life in a home that doesn’t feel like yours yet. Maybe you miss the wall where you charted your kids’ height in your old kitchen, or a beautiful tree you had in your back yard, or how close your old house was to your mom. But dwelling on the negatives won’t help your mental state at all.

What To Do: Think about the future. It’s important that you try to focus on what’s ahead of you instead of what’s now behind. Try to focus on the positive aspects of your move even if you feel sentimental and sad about the home that you left behind: consider the extra space you now have, the bigger back yard, the short walk to the grocery store, the great nearby schools for your kids. The future is bright and that’s what you should think about most.