Motivate Your Workforce With These Top Tips

Building your business takes time and patience. It also takes strong collaborations with people willing to go the extra mile for you. But let’s face it. No business relationship is a one-way street. Your workforce is looking for something in return. And money isn’t everything. There is a lot more to motivating your workforce than just paying them on time. You need to offer something that money doesn’t buy.

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Many employees come to work for you because they enjoy it. Sure, we all need a good wage. But there are other things to come to work for. Friendships and betterment are also important factors when an employee considers taking on a role. You need a good cohesion between the team players. And you need to be sure that you can offer them the chance to succeed too.

Motivation is something that many of us may not consider. But assuming that their paycheck is what brings our employees to work each morning is setting us up to fail. We want our employees to arrive feeling positive, inspired, and motivated to work hard. And we need that great attitude to last all day.

Do you have employees that are consistently running behind because they just had to stop for their morning cup of coffee? Why not look at installing a workplace Pure Bean coffee machine? This saves valuable time at the start of the day and for those who need mid-morning and afternoon boosts. And if you’re offering good coffee, you’ll have happier staff!

The same could be done with food. Set up a small breakroom. One of my best working experiences was one that had a cafeteria and fully stocked break room with snack and soda machines. Not every business can go to this extreme, but there are options. Then you can have lunch meetings, or improve social relationships between the staff as they eat together. It’s also a great opportunity for you to catch up on a personal level with your employees. You can eat with them to show them you care about them, rather than distancing yourself.

Perks and benefits are very important to employees. However, they can be very costly to the employer. If your workforce is mostly involved in sales, why not offer a bonus structure to motivate them to sell more? Listening to your staff speak to the clients they’re winning will give you valuable insight into the value they hold for their role. Encourage regular meetings where you can reward a job well done.

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You might be able to offer some health care or dental benefits. Perhaps you can provide a discounted gym membership scheme? It’s the little add-ons that promote loyalty and long-service. Keeping the staff you have is cheaper than having to recruit to replace them. But you’ll also need to make sure they generate enough income to justify their salary package.

Motivating your workforce is essential if you want your business to grow and to succeed. After all, a business doesn’t run itself. A good team will be keen to get to work each morning, and willing to work those extra hours to close the deals. Creating the team, and the attitude to win is your job.

Take care of your staff and they’ll take good care of your business.