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Five Ways to Have More Time For You

Busy parents often find it hard to take time off and spend a few moments reflecting on the day. Whether you are overdue a manicure or a spa treatment, and you simply can’t find time to relax, you will need to find a way to recharge your batteries, and multitask as much as you can. Below you will find a few tips on how to get more time when you don’t seem to have a minute to spare, and get on with your life better, by restoring the balance.

Childcare Swaps

You could get together with other parents, and swap childcare slots. If you want to take the night off, you can ask one of the parents you know to look after your kids for a few hours, and you pay back the time another day, when they would like to go out. This will benefit you, and improve your kids’ social skills as well. You will also save money on babysitters, and your older kids can enjoy their free time, instead of staying home with their siblings when you need help.

Bike to School with Kids

To get enough exercise, despite not having enough time for going to the gym, you can become a role model by encouraging your kids to bike to school and go with them. Chances are that in the peak traffic you will not take longer than taking the car, and you can get some fresh air and exercise first thing in the morning. Not to mention that you will save money on fuel long term.

Drop the Party at Home

You don’t have to compete with stay at home parents by throwing a huge house party for your kids. If you work full time, it is almost impossible to arrange time off for cleaning and decorating, or baking a cake. Get a catering company to arrange your party in a popular venue to keep everyone happy, so you don’t have to spend days cleaning before and after the party, and can get on with your regular daily schedule.

Flexible Work

If you are struggling, and you have an elderly relative to look after, as well as your kids, it is time to write a letter to your company’s HR department. Find a home care provider to look after your parent while you are out for work, and get back as soon as the kids finish school. You might need to  work longer hours one day of the week, but the rest of the days you can get more flexibility.

Mobile Beauty Therapists

Thanks to mobile hairdressers and beauty therapists, you can get your style updated without leaving the kids alone. There is no more waiting in the chair, wondering if your kids are ok. Most of the mobile therapists are flexible, so you can get your appointment for when it suits your busy schedule.

Busy working parents need to get creative when balancing their home, personal, and work life. Use the above tips, and reclaim “me time”.