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5 Money Saving or Making Ideas That Everyone Should Try

There are so many ways to save money; many begin with ‘get a great savings account’ and then end with ‘spend less on coffee’. There is so much more to useful money saving, making and financial smarts.

Although, yes, take a peek and make sure your bank account is the best option for you. For the rest of the article, we are going to be focusing on other methods to save some cash.

1.    Get Creative with Your Commute

This one might not work for everyone, but when was the last time you took a good look at your travel options? Many people purchase a travel card at the start of their first week at work and continue to leave it on automatic payment until we leave for a new place. Now, more than ever, people are interested in saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.

A few options are:

  •    City Bikes
  •    Carpooling – with people from work or with people who work locally to your building
  •    Swapping half the journey to walking – this one is great if you’re also counting your steps.

If you are a driver, and just aren’t ready to give up the wheel then think about two things:

The second of the options will help save some cash off of your insurance payments, which is fabulous news.

2.    Play Swap-it or Sell-it

Perhaps you currently have a vast and varied wardrobe, heaving with stuff that you just aren’t wearing. Arrange a night with your friends where you take over your unwanted or unworn shoes, clothing and some accessories to swap. You can even have these themed:

  •    Office Wear
  •    Home Wear
  •    Summer Chic
  •    Winter Warmers

It is a great way to build some new outfits without spending a penny.

If you aren’t in the mood for swapping with friends, then seriously consider selling your unwanted items. There are many mobile app and online stores that can get you started on selling your unloved things, and while you might think it is a bit of a hassle, it is better than the items gathering dust and taking up space.

Do your bit for the planet and put a bag of unwanted items into a thrift store too.

3.    Grow Your Own, Cook Your Own

More and more people are starting to grow their fruit, vegetables and herbs. Starting with herb planters in the kitchen and moving on to growing potatoes and other root vegetables in sacks will save money on fresh produce. You don’t need a lot of room to start a small patch, and with a little effort and care you can grow almost anything.

Eating out in restaurants and ordering takeout, while incredibly tempting after a long day at work, it is cheaper to make your meals. If you have to cook around shift patterns, or you work nights, take some time to search online for some prep tips for preparing in batch. It makes it easier to always have fresh and healthy food – without the cost of takeout.

4.    Plan Everything

The festive period can be one of the most expensive times of the year. The best way to handle any periods in which you have a lot of events, birthdays or gift giving times is to start early. Plan who will get what well in advance, see what you can make or source for less money earlier in the year. Prices are often raised during November, meaning we are much more likely to spend more money. If you have friends, who can bake, make or create, have a chat with them and get some great gifts, support a friend in their business or hobby and save money.

Another great idea is to build memory gifts like:

  •    Photo albums
  •    Scrapbooks
  •    Videos

These have a huge impact and are meaningful – all they cost is usually time!

5.    Turn Down the Heat

Love being toasty warm, running your hands along the radiator? Warming socks in the winter before you wear them? Maybe even leaving the heat on while you’re out so you come back to a warm home.Start to look at that heat as dollars disappearing.

Some buildings and apartments are old, with cracks and bad windows – they let in a lot of cold air. Spend some time, lining windows with good curtains, draft excluders and seal up the cracks. Wear more jumpers. While a toasty apartment might sound like bliss, the impact of having your heating up so high is nasty in your purse and terrible for your health too.