Full Time Work and Mom: Finding Balance

Full-Time Mom and Work – Finding Balance

Whether you work or stay home, being a mom is a full-time position that requires much overtime. You never stop putting your children’s well being first.

But is it possible to do both?

Full-Time Mom and Work - Finding A Balance

Finding Balance As A Working Mom

Well, there are plenty of inspirational women out there, that are succeeding and here is their advice:

Working part time

Mary,  from Michigan, says that for her, working part time around the kids has helped her keep her confidence. She says that being a mom is the most amazing and trying experience. But she didn’t want to completely give up on the career in marketing that she has worked so hard for. So the best solution was to work mornings 9 am – 1 pm, where she is still an active member of the office team. She knows when the kids are older and she wants to go back to work full time, her self belief and resume will be in good shape.

That leaves the afternoons which she can dedicate to her kids. Mary says this work better for her, because her life is balanced. They all look forward to their afternoons together and tend to make constructive use of the time by going to the park or attending play dates.

Working with family help

Trudie,  from Utah, says that she was very clear from the start that once her maternity leave was over, she would go back to her HR position. She says it made a lot easier because her mom is retired and takes the kids three days a week, and they go to a creche for the other two.

She knows that they are benefiting both from their grandmother’s areas and having other kids around, which help them to learn to socialize. Having Grandma look after the little ones also helps save on the day care costs, which makes it more viable for Trudy to work full time.

Working in child related industries

After having her own kids, Robyn, from Nevada, found that she had a lot of positive qualities that could be applied to a child-centered environment.  She also says that because she is with kids at work and home, it’s easier than having to swap roles from being a business person to a carer. She is currently looking for nursery nurse jobs in hospitals, or in a corporate setting, and is studying for her qualifications.

Working in non-child related industries

Utah native Sarah says that while she loves being a mom, she enjoys her work as a Real Estate agent, because she gets to nourish the other side of her personality while at work. She’s is great with figures and as a sales person, and these are things that she wouldn’t necessarily get to express if she was a stay at home mom. She needs the cut and thrust of the commercial world to motivate her.

Sarah says having grown up conversation, everyday keep her sane and maker her a better more engaged mom when she returns home from work every night. She and her family enjoy the benefits of having a second wage and take regular vacations with the proceeds.