Luxe Interiors for Less

You don’t need to max out your credit card and spend hours of your precious time to give your home a more luxe look. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can make your home’s interior look much more presentable and expensive than it really is and it’ll look so good that everyone will think you’ve spent ten times as much money on it than you actually have!

19 inexpensive ways to spruce up your home

Here are just a few simple things you can do to trick them into thinking your home is more expensive:

Freshen it Up

You’d be surprised just how big of an impact applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls can have, but it makes sense because, over time, our walls do get scuffed and stained from supporting family life. If you want your home to look like a luxury property, it is usually a better idea to stick with neutral colors, but if you’re a rich, bold kinda gal, go for opulent reds and deep plums for an effortlessly expensive look the whole family will love.

A Flourish of Flowers

Flowers, even when they don’t actually cost that much, always make a home expensive, if you take the time to arrange them properly, so go raid your garden or buy a cheap bunch and dress them up with a few bows and a nice vase for a simple, but instant transformation of any room you like.

Give Your Light Switch a Lift

Most of us don’t consciously notice our light switches, but if we did, there’s a goods chance we’d be horrified. Many people’s light switches are old and more than a bit grubby. Even if they’re perfectly clean, plain old light switches don’t look quite as good as those beautiful shiny metallic ones you see in top-end hotels. Switching them out will only cost a few dollars, but it’ll make a huge difference.

Make a Match

When you’re going for a classy luxe look on a budget, it is easier to match accessories than it is to mix things up. So, if you like chrome, choose chrome picture frames, tables, and candlestick holders, or if you like gold, do the same with that color. You can have the odd anomaly here and there, but the more matching your accessories are, the more luxe the look will be.

Magic Mirrors

The magic mirror in Snow White may have made the wicked witch look prettier, but a magic mirror in your home will make your rooms look bigger, and therefore better. Strategically placing mirrors directly across from a room’s entrance will reflect the area, making the space look larger than it actually is.


If you have a really tight decorating budget, but you want to make a truly awesome impact on visitors to your home, put on your overalls, take out the crafting kit and start upcycling. Just by sanding down and repainting old furniture, you can create whole new, unique look that will be the envy of everyone who sees it. Gold and silver paint are always a good option, but there’s no reason why you can’t go crazy and create something really unusual if you have the creativity and skill to pull it off.


A room that is threadbare isn’t going to be all that comfortable, and it certainly isn’t going to impress any serious interior design enthusiasts, which is why, if you want to make your home look more expensive on a budget, you should add as many textures as possible. Think curtains, rugs, microfiber sheets, throws, cushions, and pillows. You can get expensive looking examples of all these things for much less than you might imagine and they will make your home feel warmer and more inviting, as well as a more luxe design.


If you don’t exactly have the best interior design skills, but you want your home to look beautiful, you really can’t go wrong with white. It is a great color for creating the illusion of space, peace, and relaxation and it can be coordinated with furniture and accessories of any color, so it really is your best friend, providing you don’t have messy pets or really young children.


It’s hard to make a space look expensive when it’s crammed from floor to selling with stuff, and there’s clutter and mess all over the place. So, first and foremost, keep on top of your chores and ensure that everything is put away in its right place once it’s been used. Next, take inventory of all your stuff and slowly but surely begin the process of decluttering. You’ll have more space to entertain friends and family, and your home will immediately look better.

Make Better Use of Your Curtains

Are you envious of all those big homes that have impressively high ceilings? While there’s nothing you can do to make your ceiling higher, you can at least give the illusion that it stretches a bit further than it really does by hanging your curtains higher up on the wall. Instead of hanging them just a few inches above the windows, pic k out a pair that will reach from floor to ceiling and you’ll feel like you’re living it up in your very own mansion, well, sort of!

Don’t Paint it All!

Another trick you can use to make it look like your ceilings are higher than they really are is to leave the top part of your wall white, if you’re painting the rest a different color. It creates an optical illusion that will fool everyone into thinking your home is much more spacious.

Spray Paint Air Vents

In a lot of older homes, air vents are a necessary, but not particularly attractive feature. Luckily, that is something that can easily be changed by strapping on a face mask and spray painting your vents in an impressive luxe gold or silver hue.

Hide Your Wires

Most of us have a lot of tech in our homes these days, and if there’s one thing that I can guarantee drives most people mad about that fact, it is that there are just so many dang wires! No matter how lovely your home is, if there are wires hanging around, miraculously tangling themselves all over the place, it’s never going to look its best. Thankfully, you can buy a whole range of products designed to hide unsightly wires and ensure your home looks its best.

Change the Handles

One of the best ways to transform the look of any doors, whether it be inside or outside the home, is by changing the handles. If your handles are old, ugly or just a bit boring, buy some new ones – crystal and brass are good – for an instant revamp.

Consider Crown Molding

When it comes to creating a luxury look in the home, it’s all about paying attention to detail, which is why crown molding will make all the difference to your efforts. Crown molding basically adds a finishing touch to any room, giving it a more opulent look that you would expect to see in a high-end hotel or mansion. If your home doesn’t have crown molding, it risks the danger of looking unfinished or plain. So, add crown molding to your rooms, but do so carefully because a bad job is worse than not having it there at all.

Window Treatments

You should never leave your windows naked – it doesn’t give you and your family much privacy unless you’re out in the sticks, and it can make your home look tacky and unfinished. So, whether you love patterned roman blinds, swish silk curtains or Parisian-style shutters, don’t leave your windows hanging.

Choose Something Unique

One more unusual way to make your home look luxe is to opt for unique one-of-a-kind pieces. This might seem like it would be expensive, but you can pick up some rare pieces of furniture and artwork for very little at thrift stores and antique fairs, and with a little spit and polish, they will look like a much-treasured piece of high-end design for the home.

Swing a Chandelier

When it comes to lighting features, what screams opulence and expense more than your very own chandelier? Sure, you might not be able to afford a huge crystal light fitting, but you can buy smaller, more affordable chandeliers that look every bit as good in a small family home as huge crystal chandeliers do in big, swanky ballrooms!

Clean and Polish

No matter how many interior design tricks you use to make your home look more expensive, it will all be for naught if you don’t take the time to clean and polish everything in your home on a regular basis. Some tasks, such as vacuuming will need to be done daily if you really want your home to look great, whereas tasks like polishing only need to be done weekly, so it doesn’t have to be too much of a chore, and you can even enlist other members of the family to help you by designating them their own house cleaning tasks.