9 Living Room Must Haves #MakingAHappyHome

9 Living Room Must Haves

If you’re looking to create the best living room with your own personal touch to it, follow these ideas for living room must haves, and you’ll be there in no time.

9 Living Room Must Haves #MakingAHappyHome

1 – Storage

Do you have a load of DVDs or video games, or maybe books? You will need a place to put all of these things; that is within easy reach for you, but hidden, so it doesn’t look a big clutter. This will keep your home organised, and no one will have the know the less you are hiding beneath it all!

2 – Window Coverings

Window coverings is that little touch that can make your living room feel complete. There are so many choices to choose from; you can easily change up the whole look and feel of your room, so be careful in deciding what you want to buy.

3 – Coffee Table

Although a relatively minor piece, a coffee table can bring together your entire room. Its central location to the sofas makes it a focal point, and it can also be used for extra storage if you choose the right style.

4 – Bowls

Whether you want to put fruit inside them, or just have then on a shelf for show, there are many beautiful designs out there. From rustic looking wooden bowls to quality ceramic bowls – there is something for everyone.

5 – Pillow and Throw

Nothing says comfort than a beautiful, fluffy throw and big, plump cushions. Your guests will thank you for the cosy and luxurious space you have created for them. Which is so easy to do with just the use of a couple of pillows and a blanket.

6 – Light

Many people forget the importance of what good lighting can really do. Try adding some floor lamps, or some table lamps (you could even make a reading corner!) There are so many different types of lights on the market, so have a play around with what you like.

7 – Plants

Adding a hint of green to your home is one of the most important living room must-haves! Plants look clean and crisp, and most importantly add some ‘life’ to your room. Have a think about the kind of plant you want. Most plants will look great, just make sure they can survive in an indoor environment.

8 – Rug

A soft, luxurious rug that feels good beneath your feet can add an instant warmth and comfort to your living room. If you have wooden floors, it can really soften the look, and won’t feel so harsh. When it comes to choosing a colour, keep in mind the surroundings and if it will work with everything else.

9 – Personal Touch

Something personal is another very important item to have. To make it feel like it’s really your home, you will need to figure out what your unique touch will be. Family photos are a great example of this, or maybe even a piece of homemade art (if you’re feeling creative.) Your possibilities are endless so get thinking of how you can express yourself somehow; that will be welcomed in the room.