Is it just me but is being cold one of the worst feelings there is? Not just any cold, but that seeping cold that hits your bones and makes it hard for you to get warmed up. That’s the cold that honestly is the worst feeling – especially during the winter months. When you’re in your cozy, warm house, having to go outside in the winter air is such a chore. You wrap up head to toe in coats, scarf, hat and gloves and when you get onto a bus or train, you have to unwrap like a disgruntled Christmas present because the train is too hot. Being cold is a feeling that shouldn’t follow you into your house and with these fantastic tips, you can help your home to stay as warm as can be all through the winter.

How To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

  1. Firstly, you have to decide whether your insulation is adequate so an attic check in the summer months is something you should do. Go up and check to ensure that you have enough insulation in the space in the attic and while there, check on the beams. You’re looking for termite damage, mold, animals nesting and anything that could impact your home in the winter months. Anything that is damp has to be sorted earlier than later or your house just won’t stay warm!

  2. Next, take a look at what you spend on heating. If it’s high, switch to a lower utility provider and at the same time, look at how your house insulates you outside the loft. Are the curtains too thin? Is the glass single-pane in the windows? Do you have draft excluders on the doors? Double lining your curtains will make the world of difference to keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. Also, covering your windows with cling film or foil can do wonders for keeping the heat inside the house where it belongs.

  3. Invest in some chunk throws for the sofas and beds. The more blankets and duvets you have, the better as you will be able to sleep in comfort. Line some foil behind the radiators of the home and use the reflective qualities to make the heat rebound across the rooms rather than absorb the heat into the walls. It’s not a well-known tip but one that can help you stay toasty as the frost comes through.

  4. Cover your bare floors with rugs and blankets and you’ll notice the temperature go up inside. Not only that but sinking your toes into deliciously squidgy carpet first thing in the morning rather than onto hard, freezing floor is always a bonus!

You don’t have to spend much to have a happy, warm home but if you’re living in the cold you’ll know about it straight away as you will feel utterly miserable. Save yourself the sadness and make small adjustments for a home that keeps you warm in the winter months instead of shivering and wishing for the summer!