Making Your Career Goal a Reality

Internationally Recognized Skills Which Will Get You A Job Anywhere!

The real world can feel like Groundhog Day from time to time. No matter how much you try to change, the alarm clock plays the same tune in the morning. The only way to get out of a funk is to switch it up career-wise. Changing jobs is scary, but the nerves will get the blood pumping and the adrenaline running. Of course, you need to be employable before you jet off to pastures new. With that in mind, here are the skills and qualifications which are recognised from here to Timbuktu. All you have to do next is buy a one-way ticket around the world.

Java Development

Of course the majority of them are tech-related! You do live in the 21st century, right?! Currently, mobile technology is taking over in a big way. Whether it’s a hospital trying to save lives or a retailer selling clothes, there’s an app. And, employers can’t hire people quick enough to keep up with the supply. If you don’t have specific Java experience, a computer science qualification should suffice. Also, the ability to write code is a massive tick in the plus column. Oh, and being handy in web design won’t go amiss, either.

Information Technology

Those of you who aren’t ready to help the technological revolution can go into IT. Okay, so it’s more of the same in a lot of ways, but the job is different. Nowadays, IT revolves around server safety and security. What with the millions of hackers around the world, businesses need to protect their data. On a typical day, you would look to detect, block and respond to foreign threats. Just keep in mind that the CIA or FBI may knock on the door. Sure, it may have nothing to do with a job offer, but still it’s nice to have the skills in your back pocket.

Master Of Business Administration

Ah, the force is strong in you young Jedi. When you think logically, every enterprise which makes money is a business. Therefore, pretty much every organisation on the planet needs businessmen and women in the right places. Your job may include reducing waste in the company to aid the firm’s bottom line. Or, the role may need you to come up with creative and original advertising slogans. Either way, an online MBA program would give you the right credentials in the eyes of many employers. Being business-centric is an attractive trait because the number of businesses is rising.

Statistical Analysis

If mobile technology has taken over, Big Data is the young pretender to the crown. Businesses now realize the importance of using this information to mold company policy. Within the data are the answers and companies need miners to excavate the truth. But, finding it isn’t enough as you’ll have to analyse your findings also. Being able to speak the language of numbers is essential, as is patience. Let’s just say sifting through reams of text isn’t the most exciting job on the planet.

In today’s current climate, these are the skill which employers kill for, metaphorically speaking.