These Three Things Will Improve Your Employee Engagement Today!

These Three Things Will Improve Your Employee Engagement Today!

Dealing with unengaged employees can be the bane of an entrepreneur’s life. It is so frustrating when you have hired people who you genuinely thought would bring something to your company – only to find out that in fact, they have become more of a hindrance if anything. This can seem like a huge waste of time, money, and energy on your part and a lot of business owners snap at this point and simply go on a new recruitment drive. But before you start firing people left right and center, sit down for a minute to weigh up the situation. Are things REALLY as bad as you are making out? Maybe all your staff were great to start with, but you have watched their performances decline as work either become more hectic or all but ground to a halt. Of course, no self-respecting business owner should have to treat their staff like babies who need constant attention. But, spending a bit of time investing in employee engagement is one thing you may need to do to turn your business around.

These Three Things Will Improve Your Employee Engagement Today!

Trust them more

If there is one thing employees hate, it is feeling as though they are not truly part of the team. There are, of course, certain things that you would not trust certain members of your team with – personal information or specific company figures, for example. But a lack of transparency can often be detrimental to a business’s development. Keeping things from your employees creates an ‘us and them’ mentality, where they are simply working bees grinding to keep the ship afloat. By talking openly and frankly with your staff about certain aspects of your business, you will be able to invigorate a sense of community and teamwork that they will thrive off.

Offer opportunities to grow

Think about this honestly: if you were a potential employee looking to join a business on the bottom rung, wouldn’t you hope that there would be an option for promotion at some point? Most employees join a business with the hope of developing their skill set and climbing the career ladder. So, make a point of offering your staff as many growth opportunities as you can – whether it’s in-house promotions or extra training to expand their repertoire. This is also something that can make your business a particularly attractive one to other potential staff members – especially if you get reviews such as AlgaeCal employee reviews. Very useful during a recruitment drive!

Say ‘thank you’

Many self-made business owners often turn their noses up at this prospect – claiming that ‘spoon-feeding‘ staff isn’t the way to go. But is saying ‘thank you’ really spoon-feeding, or pandering to the every need of your employee? Of course, it isn’t – it is simply courteous. If someone does a good job in the office, make sure you tell them, even if it’s just dropping them a quick email. It doesn’t have to be much, but taking the time to do that is something that can seriously up morale and therefore employee engagement too.