how to create a social media quiz

How to Create a Social Media Quiz

One of the most engaging aspects of social media—and one with proven staying power—is quizzes. In addition to being an outstanding method of attracting attention, they’re useful for gaining an understanding of the mindset of your audience.

Social media quizzes simultaneously engage, entertain, boost traffic, drive revenue and generate leads. Whether you’re considering how to sell ebooks on your own website, footballs, windshield wipers, or any other product; understanding how to create a social media quiz is highly beneficial.

What Type Will Serve You Best?

They generally fall into one of two categories: personality or knowledge.

Personality quizzes intrigue people with the promise of revealing some insight into their psyches. Meanwhile, knowledge quizzes play upon people’s competitive nature. Respondents love to see where they rank in relation to the circle of friends they’ve cultivated on the platform.

If you’re looking to segregate your audience by personality type go with former. Meanwhile, the latter is useful for qualifying leads based upon the user’s level of knowledge regarding a particular subject.

Developing the Questions

While there are a number of quiz generators out there, you’ll still need to make the questions evocative of the persona you’ve established for your online presence. In other words, the questions must be reflective of the personality you’ve presented.

Your questions—like every other customer-facing communication you issue—are an opportunity to reinforce your connection with your clientele. Phrase them naturally, in a conversational tone, using the vernacular of your core audience.

Also, keep in mind you’re not administering the Law School Admission Test here. You’re just trying to provide some fun while you glean useful demographic information. Keep it short and to the point. The quiz is too long if taking it consumes more than three minutes of a person’s time.

Crafting a Compelling Title

You’ll need to attract attention to the quiz once it’s complete. Results have shown titles including the words “which,” “what,” or “actually” tend to draw the most responses. If your core audience is literary in nature, a question like “Which Character from Gone With the Wind Are You?” will draw responses.

Meanwhile, inserting the word actually into the question is an even bigger draw: “Which Character from Gone with The Wind Is Actually You?” shifts the question from query into challenge.

Capturing Leads

When users complete the quiz, ask for their contact information and permission to send them marketing materials before you reveal the results. To soften this a bit, offer them a free gift or a discount on a first purchase.

Along with the request, be up front about what you’ll use the information to accomplish and direct them to your privacy policy for reassurance. Be judicious about the request; ask only for what you absolutely need to realize your goal.

This is usually just a name and an email address—sometimes a ZIP code. Keeping it minimal and explaining the relevance should help you get a good response rate.

Sharing the Results

Even if the subject fails a knowledge quiz miserably, you can always find something positive to say to them. Just be careful to keep it plausible.

Keep in mind, the goal of learning how to create a social media quiz is to generate leads for your business. Leave people feeling good about the experience and they’re more likely to share it among their circle of friends.

And, while you’re at it, drop a call to action in there to get them to take a look at your main site.