Promotion Ideas for Online Furniture Stores

5 Holiday Promotion Ideas for Online Furniture Stores

In eCommerce, “the holidays” tend to refer to the pinnacle of the selling season. In fact, retailers make 30 percent more revenue in November and December than during months without holidays. With year-over-year trends favoring increased online shopping, it’s more important than ever for retailers to make the most of this bountiful season. Your furniture store is no exception.

Customers essentially expect holiday deals from their favorite retailers at this point—and not exclusively on Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone. Consider integrating these five holiday promotion ideas for online furniture stores into your year-end plans to boost sales during the busy season.

Promotion Ideas for Online Furniture Stores

Bundle X, Y and Z Together

Cross-selling is an excellent way to increase average order value and move more inventory. The premise is simple: Your furniture store bundles together complementary items into one reasonably priced package, so the customer gets the product they came for and some useful extras. Let’s say one of your bestselling furniture items is a compact desk. You could create a holiday bundle featuring your classic desk plus a table lamp and portable chair. The key is choosing items that work together as a bundle so customers will see the sense in purchasing them together. If it saves them extra steps on their shopping journey, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

 Choose a Holiday Freebie

One survey showed 16 percent of respondents consider “gift sets or complimentary items” to be the motivating factor in making a holiday purchase. In order to get a little, your furniture store has to give a little. Add a free pair of throw pillows in the customer’s color of choice with purchases over a certain monetary threshold. Throw in a free tablecloth with the purchase of a dining room table, or a set of novelty coasters with an end table.

 Create a Holiday Gift Guide

Part of figuring out how to start a furniture store is learning to anticipate customers’ wants and needs. People usually have an idea of what they’re looking for (i.e. “a nightstand” or “a gift for my brother”) but haven’t yet zeroed in on the exact product they’re seeking. If you can point them in the right direction and provide some compelling inspiration, you’ve just brought yourself closer to clinching a sale—and earning the patronage of a repeat customer.

Creating a holiday gift guide and featuring it heavily on your website home page from November 1st onward increases revenue and boosts customers’ sense of trust and authority. Shoppers will benefit from the convenience, which is appreciated more than ever around the holiday season. It also instills customers with the confidence they’re buying this season’s hottest items.

 Host a Contest for Customers

Hosting a contest or sweepstake is an excellent way to drum up excitement for your furniture store throughout the holiday season. There are a number of different ways to approach this. You can ask users to submit their own content using a designated hashtag on social media for the chance to win prizes. You can also urge shoppers to visit your website once a day to enter a random giveaway contest.

 Donate Some Proceeds to Charity

The holidays are also a time of giving. Your furniture store can get in on the action by donating a portion of its November and December proceeds (either from general sales or a special product/collection) to a great cause. Make sure shoppers know about your charitable affiliations by posting banners strategically across your website, sending out email updates and posting progress on social media platforms.

‘Tis the season for eCommerce. Try these five holiday promotion ideas for your online furniture store to drive revenue and customer relationships in the upcoming months.

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