5 Hobbies For Kids

5 Hobbies You Could Encourage Your Kids to Focus Their Time On

Helping kids find hobbies of their own is one of the best things you can do for them. Hobbies give them something to do other than sit in front of the TV or computer. Not only that, it helps them to develop their skills. They could turn into better readers, speakers, and listeners all because you encouraged them to take up a hobby. They could even improve their motor skills, maths, and more! Here are 5 hobbies for kids to focus their time on.


Reading is a great hobby for kids for a number of reasons. It’ll help them to expand their imaginations. They’ll learn all kinds of big words, and get better at spelling. If you take it in turns to read to one another, they’ll improve their speaking and listening skills too. There are so many great books for kids out there, like Harry Potter and everything by Roald Dahl!

5 Hobbies For Kids

Self Defense

Self defense is a brilliant hobby for kids who like to stay active. They’ll learn moves that could help them to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Not only that, they learn all kinds of great life lessons too. Many self defense classes teach discipline, balance, strength, and so many other great skills. It can improve confidence and self esteem too!

Knitting and Sewing

Knitting and sewing are good crafts and can help kids to create all kinds of items, from blankets to pictures on the walls. They could make their own gifts this way, decorations, and more. Hobbies like this can even encourage them to improve their maths skills, as they’ll need to count stitches and measure materials. You just need to make sure that you purchase some beginner materials they’ll be able to get along with, so that they don’t hurt themselves.

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Collecting different items can be so much fun for kids. Lots of kids like to collect things like stamps and coins, but they can collect just about anything. You just need to make sure that you’re not encouraging them to collect because of the value of an item later on. They should collect because they enjoy it. It’ll teach them an eye for detail, patience, and why it’s important to look after their things. They could start collecting anything from fairground models to old collectors magazines. You’ll always have something to buy them for special occasions too!


Gardening is another healthy hobby for kids. They can learn so much about wildlife and nature. They can grow their own plants and vegetables, as well as get fresh air. It’s good for kid’s immune systems to get dirt in their fingernails too. Not to mention a healthy dose of sunshine!

If you encourage your kids to spend time on these hobbies rather than spending all of their time online, they’ll benefit so much. We let kids spend far too much time online and in front of a screen these days, so break that habit with these hobbies. They’ll be so much happier!