Gratitude Exercise: Losing It All

Quick gratitude exercise – list and describe the major things in your life and then rate how satisfied you are with them from 1-10.  Now, stop and imagine if all of those things were taken from you within a blink of an eye. Family, home, car…. Now with that in mind, go back and rate those same items from 1-10. Did your ratings change? I know mine did.

Gratitude Exercise - Losing It All

Completing the Losing It All Exercise was very eye-opening for me. Often we complain about what we have, but it’s not until those items are completely removed from us that we truly appreciate what they’re really worth.

I went 6 months without a vehicle – dependent on others to run errands, get to work, take my kids to the park, or just run to corner store because I ran out of detergent.  Believe me, when I say I’m extremely thankful for the vehicle I now have.

I’m thankful that a spirit of gratitude was instilled in me at a young age and that it continued to flourish as I got older. I hope that I’m able to instill those same values within my children.

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What were your thoughts on the Losing It All Exercise?

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  • For my stances, I think we need to give value to everything we have on this planet, for nothing will last, and if we lost everything, at least we make the most of it.

  • That’s really true. We just need to be content with what we have because there are people out there who would want to take our spot because they have nothing.

  • Adin B

    I hear you Michelle. When I was growing up we didn’t have much either. I mean, we didn’t have a good house, my mom and dad had to move to a city to find a job and I was left staying with my grandparents. We also lived in a tent one time (well, my mom and dad did while I was at my grandparents) while my parents were working on building our little tiny house. Mom and dad didn’t have a job, not much to eat, but still was lucky we have our family around us willing to help. Now that I am in the USA, I get to drive a JEEP where I didn’t even own a bike or wheels at all back home. I get to eat whatever I want and go to places. We are not rich, but my husband and I are always thankful that we have our good health, our kids are in good health. God is good. Sometimes we tend to forget what really is important in life and it takes an experience like that to appreciate even the little things in life. 🙂

  • becca112971

    i have to say after years of battle renal failure and surviving a coma I’ve some to appreciate the little things in life liking waking up each morning to a new day

  • Jennifer Williams

    We had a house fire when I was little, between that and the loss of my father a few years back, I learned what was important. I would be just fine without everything in my life except my family. They are all that matters.

  • Nicole A.

    Such a great exercise. I am so grateful for my family and the life we have.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I agree, I always tell my kids to appreciate what we have and never compare our situation to others because there are other people who don’t have half of what we have but they are grateful for what they have,

  • I have been without many times in my life. I always focus on gratitude. In light of all the fires in my area I understand the feelings of loss but stuff is just stuff. What counts is what is on the inside.