The Golden Rules Of Sleep

The Golden Rules Of Sleep


Finding it hard to keep your eyes open? That could be because you didn’t get a very good night’s sleep last night. If you haven’t been sleeping too well lately, it’s probably because you haven’t been following the golden rules of sleep. Now sure what they are? Then read on!

The Golden Rules Of Sleep

Turn Off Your Phone

Light invigorates our body and can wake up our minds. For this reason, many sleep experts recommend that we do not look at any screens in the hour before bed. This includes smartphone screens as well as laptops and TVs. You should certainly ban these types of screens from your bedroom. There is just no reason for you to take them to bed with you. Rather than scrolling through your Twitter feed or reading news websites, why not find a good book to read in bed instead?

Upgrade Your Mattress

If we aren’t nice and cozy in bed, there is no way we are going to get a good night’s sleep. From memory foam mattresses to a mattress in a box, you will certainly have a lot of types to choose from. Ideally, you need to visit a bedroom or mattress shop so that you can lie down on different ones and test them. If you don’t think that a particular mattress is going to give your back enough support, then you should consider getting a different type.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Many people think that a nightcap before bed is a great way of relaxing their mind and body and getting in the right frame of mind to sleep. Unfortunately, this isn’t true, and you should stay away from alcohol shortly before you turn out the lights. Sure, alcohol may help you fall asleep, but you will find that it leads to very disturbed sleep and you will end up waking up throughout the night. It will also make you snore a lot more – I’m sure your partner won’t be happy about that!

Get Into A Habit

It’s important to create a habit that you do every evening in the run up to bed. We are all creatures of habit, and once our body and mind develop a ritual before sleep, you will start to find it easier to drop off at night. For instance, why not start having a bath before you get ready for bed, followed by reading for half an hour in bed. This gives your mind and body the chance to wind down fully before you snuggle up under the duvet and try to get some zzzzs.

Don’t Overeat

It can be very tempting to indulge in a big dinner, especially if you have had a very stressful day in the office. Unfortunately, eating too much in the evening can make it very difficult to fall asleep. For this reason, you shouldn’t snack just before you go to bed either. Instead, have a warm glass of milk to stop any feelings of hunger.

Hopefully, you can now sleep better at night!