Folgers Flavors: Giving My Coffee Routine A Remix | #RemixYourCoffee

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When I transitioned to working from home full-time there were two times of the day I missed the most from my full-time job. One of them was the morning coffee chat time in our break room. We discussed EVERYTHING. Working with the same group of people for almost eight years, you become more than co-workers. We discussed our children, personal endeavors, frustrations and celebrated our successes. And the coffee – it was awesome. We had a coffee pool to bring in different varieties of coffees and creamers. There was no half-stepping for us. We each had our distinct likes and dislikes, but our coffee time brought us together.

Now my morning coffee routine is much different, but I still make sure I make my coffee experience just that – an experience! Mornings are crazy, as most can relate to. Getting my 2nd grader who is too cool to be a car rider to the bus stop in time and my high schooler who moves at -15 miles per hour in the morning out the house in time to catch his bus is a weekday challenge. Once they are gone, my 4-year-old and I spend some quality time together before I take her to preschool. And then, it is officially my time.

Giving My Coffee Routine A Remix

I usually have 2-4 cups of coffee throughout the day and thanks to my Tassimo Quick Brew I can make the perfect cup of coffee in no time.

The past few weeks I have been using Folgers Flavors in my coffee and it is definitely a winner for me! It’s not an overbearing taste and a few squeezes go a long way. My favorites are Vanilla and Hazlenut.

Another plus? They do not need refrigeration and are portable. Meaning I can pop one into my tote or purse while I’m traveling. This comes in handy for meetings and conferences when the host may not be providing flavored creamers. I recently attended a breakfast networking event at a local restaurant and my Hazlenut Folgers Flavors went missing. I jokingly put out a “Missing” posting in our closed Facebook group and was met with a ransom demand that included unlimited usage at upcoming meetings. Gotta love entrepreneurs that have great taste!

Wait – there’s more! I can, also, use Folgers Flavors in iced coffee! The weather here has been crazy. We went from serious Fall-like temperatures back to Spring. So some afternoons, I am able to take a break on my patio and enjoy a cup of iced coffee and a few chapters in a good book.

Folgers Flavors give you the opportunity to create your coffee your way. With 4 flavors to choose from, you can use as little or much as you’d like, at home or on the go, and in hot or iced coffee. Winning!

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