Give Your Bathroom A Facelift Today

Give Your Bathroom A Facelift Today

Our bathrooms can sometimes become rooms that we only want to jump in and out of in as little time as possible. But looking after our bathrooms and investing a little time to make them look as lovely as possible can turn them into rooms that we really enjoy spending time in. Follow our simple tips on how to transform your bathroom, by using really simple and easy ideas, that can all be done in just a few hours.

Give Your Bathroom A Facelift Today

Don The Marigolds

If we want to really tackle the bathroom area, the best place to start is with a really thorough clean. So roll up those sleeves and get those marigolds on. Clean and sparkling bathrooms instantly look better and become a much more welcoming space for you to spend time in, once they are looking spic and span.

Focus On Your Available Storage

Your bathroom storage units are a key part in the overall organisation and look of your bathroom. Bathrooms with products laying all over the place look messy and chaotic and therefore do not create an ambience of relaxation. So make sure you are making the most of the storage units you have to be neatly tucking away all of your products, out of sight. If you have a lot of beauty and personal hygiene products that don’t fit into a small cabinet, then think of investing in an attractive bathroom storage cabinet. Bathroom cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something available for all room sizes, so jump online and see what sorts of models would work best in your bathroom space.

Bathroom Textiles

The textiles in your bathroom are essential items to make sure that your bathroom is looking clean, cosy and chic. Old and tatty rugs are the quickest way to pull down the look of any bathrooms so new bathroom rugs are a worthy investment. Due to the humidity in bathrooms, rugs in this room tend to age faster than in other areas in the house, so make sure you are vigilant about replacing these when necessary.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a bathrooms best friend and should be an important focus for anyone looking to improve their bathroom space. They increase the look and feel of space in any bathroom and can also be handy when used for additional storage space, in the case of mirrored bathroom cabinets. You can go to Unique Vanities for more information on the types of bathroom mirrors that are available to see what sort of mirrors would work best for your bathroom.

Accent Lighting

Creating a warm and cozy environment in your bathroom can be as simple as adding a couple of lamps to the space. Lamps are the best way to create a soothing and relaxing mood to any room and that also applies to bathrooms. Bathroom candles are also a super simple trick to add a peaceful and relaxing ambiance to your bathroom. Choose a scented candle with essential oils, like lavender to fill your bathroom with an indulgent and calming scent.