How To Have A Fabulous Girl's Night Out (Even On A Budget)

How To Have A Fabulous Girl’s Night Out (Even On A Budget)

Nights out with our friends are one of life’s little pleasures.

I don’t know about you, but it isn’t often that we get to have all the girls together to glam up and go out, away from our everyday responsibilities. Of course, nights out in your thirties and forties are very different from nights out in your late teens and twenties. Back then, it was possible to have what was deemed a good night out on $30. Now, evenings out are more ‘social gathering’, less ‘hitting the club’. You might want to go out for dinner together before heading to a couple of bars, or maybe go and see a show. Whatever it is that you fancy doing, you can be sure that the costs can seem to quickly add up. The price of dinner, drinks, entertainment and, possibly, a new outfit sure does add up. But, there are ways to have a glamorous night out with the girls on a budget, as long as you follow these hints and tips.

How To Have A Fabulous Girl's Night Out (Even On A Budget)

Unless one of you has a very doting partner who is willing to taxi you to and from town, chances are you will problem need to book cabs. You only need a small amount of alcohol to be over the legal driving limit, so don’t leave this to chance by letting one of your friends take the wheel. Plus, cabs don’t need to be expensive. Beat exorbent ‘on the night’ fees by booking in advance. You may also be able to get a free ride by signing up to a new service or redeeming a code online.

What’s a Diva to Wear? 
If your nights out aren’t all that frequent, you’ll want to make sure you are wearing a show-stopper of an outfit. But many of us fail to see the point in spending a lot of money on a dazzling dress, only for it to be worn a handful of times. If this sounds like you, why not cut the cost by holding a clothing swap-shop with your girlfriends? Get together at someone’s house before your evening out and take the opportunity to raid each other’s closets for something you’ve always had your eye on. There you have it – a brand new outfit at zero cost at all!

Everyone loves dining in a good restaurant. Especially if you’re a full-time mom, having someone else do the cooking for you can be a rare treat! However, good restaurants are good for a reason, and this high quality often means that they come with a huge price tag. However, don’t immediately think that you’ll need to ditch a classy restaurant for In-N-Out. Many top quality restaurants often have a set menu option at a reasonable fixed price, if you are willing to go a little earlier.

Perhaps you are finishing your evening with a bit of entertainment – a concert or a stage show, for example. Look online and in your local newspaper for vouchers and coupons that will entitle you to money off a standard ticket price. Many are 2-4-1 offers, perfect if you are going out with a big group.